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Hola! Each of the destinations in our tourism section is very, very complete. I cover each place I visit very thoroughly. I like to show up unexpectedly at hotels and ask for tours, pay taxis to drive me around cities randomly just for photo ops, and I secretly review every restaurant I eat at, in every city. For this and other reasons, you'll find the information in our tourism section has all been gathered by me personally, or shared by someone else who has actually been there. I haven't been everywhere yet, even though I grew up here. In Bolivia, there is just so much to see! Be sure to visit our Travel Information section. It's the most important page for you to read!

Bolivia Travel Planner
Be sure to view our travel planner!

Our Travel Planner helps you find flights, hotels and hostels, travel agencies and tour operators, rental cars, restaurants, information on visa requirements, travel insurance, maps, travel tips, and general travel information such as climate and weather, electricity and voltage, and cellphone use. Everything you need to know to prepare for your trip to Bolivia.

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Top Tourist Attractions
Bella's favorite tourist attractions in Bolivia, best photos, little secrets!
La Paz, Lake Titicaca, Oruro, Uyuni, Potosí, Coroico, Tiahuanaco, more.
Bolivia Travel Stories
The top tourist destinations in Bolivia? Your favorite attractions.
Share your Bolivia travel experiences and see where others have been!

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Tourist Attractions in La Paz Bolivia Tourism!    Tourist Attractions in Santa Cruz Bolivia Tourism!    Tourist Attractions in Cochabamba Bolivia Tourism!

Tourist Attractions in Pando Bolivia Tourism!    Tourist Attractions in Beni Bolivia Tourism!    Tourist Attractions in Tarija Bolivia Tourism!

Tourist Attractions in Oruro Bolivia Tourism!    Tourist Attractions in Potosi Bolivia Tourism!    Tourist Attractions in Sucre Chuquisaca Bolivia Tourism!

Eastern Bolivia: Rainforest and Plains

Bolivia Travel Information for Tourists

Tantalizing Tarija   Tarija Forum
Visit Bolivia's beautiful mediterranean wine country.
Tarija city, San Lorenzo, Coimata, Valle Concepción, info and hotels
Trinidad and Rurrenabaque   Beni Forum   Rurrenabaque Forum
Sites and attractions in the Department of Beni.
Trinidad, Rurrenabaque, Pink River Dolphin Tours, City Sites and more
Noel Kempff National Park
One of Bolivia's most beautiful and popular national parks.
Tours, photos, maps, wildlife observation, waterfalls, and more
Amboro National Park
Enter through one of two gateways: Samaipata or Buena Vista.
Experience Bolivia's tropical beauty and wildlife, and maybe a jaguar
Amazon River Cruise on a Floating Hotel
Swim the Amazon River in Bolivia and search for the pink river dolphin.
Spend a day or two on the Reina de Enin floating on the Amazon
Samaipata Tours   Samaipata Forum
Visit El Fuerte de Samaipata (the Fort) in Bolivia's "Little Switzerland".
Tours, Attractions, Hostels and Hotels, Restaurants, El Fuerte, Maps
Che Guevara Trail
Follow in the footsteps, literally, of Che Guevara in Bolivia.
Trek one of the oddest tourist attractions in Bolivia
Jesuit Missions Tours
Chiquitano towns founded as missions by Jesuits 500 years ago
Hotels, Tours, Maps, Attractions, Tourist Info, Baroque Music Festival
Santa Cruz: Ecotourism   Santa Cruz Forum
Adventure and ecotourism in the Department of Santa Cruz
El Fuerte, Buena Vista, Jesuit Missions, Che Guevara Trail, Noel Kempff National Park, Amboro National Park, Kaa Iya National Park, the Pantanal Wetlands, Otuquis Nature Reserve, Puerto Suárez, Amazon River Tours, Espejillos and more.
Santa Cruz: Tourism   Santa Cruz Forum
Sites and tourist attractions in the Department of Santa Cruz
Guarayos, Urubichá, Cotoca, Vallegrande, La Higuera, Charagua, Porongo, Chaco, Samaipata, Jesuit Missions, Camiri, Chiquitos, La Rinconada, La Guardia, Santa Cruz Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Güembé Butterfly Sanctuary, Santa Rosa de la Mina, Quinta Victoria.
Santa Cruz: City Sites   Santa Cruz Forum
Top 100 things to do in the city of Santa Cruz Bolivia
Parks, Museums, Shopping, Attractions, Restaurants, Nightlife etc!
Pando Pando Forum
Pando is one of Bolivia's smallest states. See more.
Read the history of Pando to learn more.
San Miguelito Jaguar Tours
One tour operator in Santa Cruz is working on jaguar conservation.
A cattle ranch where jaguars, pumas, and other wildlife can be sighted. Proceeds help ranchers cover the cost of cattle lost to jaguars so jaguars won't be hunted.

Western Bolivia: Mountains and Valleys

Bolivia Travel Information for Tourists

Sucre Capital of Bolivia   Sucre Forum
Visit Bolivia's colonial 'white city' and learn about our capital.
Museums, Tarabuco, Dinosaur Park, La Glorieta Castle, and more
Salar de Uyuni Tours   Uyuni Forum
See the largest salt desert in the world. Find hotels, hostels, tours
Uyuni Salt Flats, Salt Hotel, Laguna Colorada, Train Graveyard
Potosi Tours   Potosi Forum
The highest city in the world. Once the largest and wealthiest!
Cerro Rico Silver Mines, National Parks, Mud Baths, Hot Springs, Uyuni
Tiwanaku Tours   Tiwanaku Forum
Is Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) really the oldest city in the world?
Day trip, video documentary, what to see and how to get there.
San Pedro Prison Tours
It's illegal but tourists love it. I despise it. See why.
One of the most popular tours in La Paz, it resulted in prisoner mutiny
Coroico Tours   Coroico Forum
Coroico, golden valley of the Andes. Take Death Road or new road.
Hotels, Maps, Tours, Attractions, Travel Information, Getting Around
Road of Death Tours   Death Road Forum
The highest, narrowest, scariest, world's most dangerous road.
Biking the Road of Death, Tours, Videos, Maps, and more.
Oruro and Carnaval Tours   Oruro Forum
Oruro is Bolivia's folklore capital and a major mining hub.
Hotels, Hostels, Tours, Maps, Carnaval, Attractions, Tourist Info
Cochabamba   Cochabamba Forum
Cochabamba, not too high, not too low, not too hot or cold.
Read the history of Cochabamba to learn more.
La Paz   La Paz Forum
La Paz, the de facto capital of Bolivia and second highest city in the world.
Read the history of La Paz to learn more.

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