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This section of our website is dedicated to presenting information you'll find useful if you're considering doing business in Bolivia with Bolivian partners or companies, investing in Bolivia, starting your own business in Bolivia, or looking for jobs in Bolivia.

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Bolivia's business culture reflects a blend of ancient and modern cultures found in a gorgeous country with tremendous potential for growth and development. Sadly, Bolivia often gets a bad rap! With news reports on its unpredictable political and economic systems, and with the stereotypes that result from these, many of Bolivia's truly wonderful features are all too often ignored!

Bolivia's people are, for the most part, very hardworking, optimistic, and forward-thinking, despite setbacks that affect the conduct of business, trade and industry. Bolivia, however, does have important political and economic challenges to overcome as it participates in, and to some degree resists, the continuous globalization of business.

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Ask Questions in our Public Bolivia Business Forum
In our business forum, you can ask questions about what it's like to work in Bolivia, and if you have already done so, you can share your Bolivia business experiences, tips and advice for the benefit of others.

Resources for How to Start a Business in Bolivia
A list of resources you'll need if you plan to start your own business in Bolivia, invest in Bolivia, work in partnership with Bolivian companies, etc.

Challenges to Working and Doing Business in Bolivia
The key to working in or with Bolivia may be the ability to envision possible future events and developments based on what is already known about the country's political and economic environment.

We Answer FAQ's on What it's Like to Work in Bolivia
On this page, we'd like to attempt to answer, in a very general way, some of the most frequently asked questions about employment and/or doing business in Bolivia.

Use These Search Engines to Find Jobs in Bolivia
Are you looking for jobs in Bolivia? Use our job search engine to search by city or occupation. CareerJet searches and throws back results from thousands of job posting websites and millions of openings on the web.

Business Etiquette & How Business is Conducted Here
The most important thing to know about business etiquette in Bolivia is that Bolivians prefer to do business with people they know and trust. Your business conduct is vital to the success of your business relationships.

Business in Bolivia Home Page | Questions? See our Bolivia Business Forum

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