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If you plan to live in Bolivia, this section is fully loaded for future residents. It contains first-hand facts, information, and resources you'll need to plan and prepare for relocation. Use it as you make new living, housing and business arrangements in the heart of South America! Click to meet other expats in Bolivia. This is one of the largest sections on our website! Have you taken a look at our Bolivia Expat Forum yet? You can post questions or help answer some. is a very different type of website. Our focus is not exclusively on tourism. We know you'll travel to Bolivia to do business here, to retire, work or live in Bolivia or to volunteer here. I hope you'll enjoy exploring the site, where you can now make all your Bolivia travel arrangements in one place. Before you go, read this message from the webmaster. Welcome to Bolivia!

Bolivia Expat Services

Not Sure You Should Move to Bolivia?

Should you live in Bolivia? If you aren't sure yet whether or not you'd like to move to Bolivia, let us put you in contact with other expatriates who live here. We continually ask expats in Bolivia to share their stories. Hearing the experiences and opinions of others may help you make the choices you feel are best for you! Plus, our Expat Services unit can help you apply for residency, find a home, open a bank account, get a driver's license, and more. Take a look at these important pages:

Visit the home pages of Bolivia's nine states

Tourist Attractions in La Paz Bolivia Tourism! Tourist Attractions in Santa Cruz Bolivia Tourism! Tourist Attractions in Cochabamba Bolivia Tourism!

Tourist Attractions in Pando Bolivia Tourism! Tourist Attractions in Beni Bolivia Tourism! Tourist Attractions in Tarija Bolivia Tourism!

Tourist Attractions in Oruro Bolivia Tourism! Tourist Attractions in Potosi Bolivia Tourism! Tourist Attractions in Chuquisaca Bolivia Tourism!

Information on Living in Bolivia

Bolivia Forums
Ask any question you want about retiring or living in Bolivia in our public forums. Or share your Bolivia travel or expat stories to help others.

Facts about Bolivia
Brush up on Bolivia's history, geography, politics, economy, people, culture and more.

Bolivia Culture and Customs
Be open to Bolivian culture. Learn about social customs and culture in Bolivia.

People and Cultures of Bolivia
There are 36 indigenous groups and dozens of other cultures in Bolivia. Get to know us.

Housing in Bolivia
Everything you need to know about renting, buying or selling a home, plus our own house hunting experiences.

Expats often use hotels as temporary housing until they find a home.

Holidays, and Entertainment
So you live here. Now what do you do? Find out how to keep your family entertained.

Bolivian Food and Recipes, Markets and Grocery Stores
What to eat, where to shop for ingredients for Bolivian food, and how to cook it.

We're working on a new section to list stores and malls of interest to you.

A comprehensive list of restaurants, bars, cafés, and bakeries in Santa Cruz.

Doctors, hospitals, opticians, dentists, and other medical and emergency services.

Laundry Services and Dry Cleaners
Find out where you can wash your clothes or get them dry cleaned if you don't have a washer at home or are traveling Bolivia.

Where to Recycle
Bolivia has no recycling centers but there are places that want some of your recycle-able items.

Bolivian Money
Our currency, how and where to exchange money, how to transfer money.

Banking in Bolivia
A list of banks and credit unions, and how accounts and finances work here.

Bolivian Insurance Companies
Expat insurance doesn't cover everything. A list of Bolivian insurance companies.

Bilingual Lawyers
When you need legal help or documentation, these bilingual lawyers can help.

Bolivian Roads
All about roads, road safety, and driving around in messy Bolivian traffic.

Bolivian Drivers License
How to get a drivers license if you plan to own a car and drive here.

Rent a Car
Reputable companies you can rent a car from. How it works. What to avoid.

Couriers and Mail
How the mail system works, how to send mail and packages, international couriers.

Learn Spanish
Where and how to learn Spanish either before you arrive or in Bolivia.

When Spanish is exhausting and you just need someone to do the talking for you.

Airlines, Buses, Trains, Taxis, and Waterways
All the different modes of transportation in Bolivia and how they work.

Bilingual Churches
Find a church to attend in your chosen Bolivian city.

Bolivian Education System
Public schools, private schools, private universities, institutes and more.

Foreign Exchange Students
Planning to spend a school year in Bolivia? Information for teens and parents.

Bolivia News
Bolivian newspapers, English newspapers, how to read up on Bolivia news.

Bolivia in the News
Get news about Bolivia in English from these major online news sources.

Basic Cost of Living
From our forums: how much does it cost to live in Bolivia?

Adopting in Bolivia
The process, some true expat adoption stories, and advice.

Bolivia on a Budget
28 ways to blow your budget in Bolivia (or avoid doing so).

Altitude Sickness
Moving to the highlands? Find out how to avoid or alleviate altitude sickness.

Children Born Overseas
Your child's citizenship, rights and obligations. What if your child is born in Bolivia?

Learning to Bargain
Bargaining prices is expected in some places here. Learn how to do this.

How to Call Bolivia from Overseas
Be sure your friends and family know how to make phone calls to Bolivia when you move.

Plan Your Trip
Visit this section for all the information you need to plan your travel.

Share Your Bolivia Travel Stories and Photos

Read before moving to Bolivia

Know before you go!
An interview about living in Bolivia as an expatriate. Be sure to listen to both parts. Also, questions you may want to ask yourself before deciding to move to Bolivia.

Embassies and Consulates
Register with your country's embassy before you travel or upon arrival.

Prepare in Advance
A list of things you should consider when preparing to move to Bolivia.

Travel precautions
Precautions to take before and during travel and while living in Bolivia.

Bolivia Visa Requirements
Be sure you know which type of visa you need to tour or live in Bolivia.

Citizenship vs. Residency
If you are considering applying for Bolivian citizenship, read this first.

Information, announcements and travel advisories, mostly from the U.S. Embassy.

Traveling with Kids
Important things you should know about traveling with children to and in Bolivia.

Traveling with Pets
Information and recommendations about pet travel documentation and other stuff.

Shipping and Moving Companies
Ways to find international and Bolivian shipping and moving companies.

As in airport and border-point customs, not Bolivian customs and traditions.

Bolivian Immigration
A general explanation about how immigration works and how to get our residency.

Travel Insurance
Why we recommend travelers purchase travel insurance, travel tips, and more.

Moving Overseas with Kids
A former expat kid, and now expat mother, tells you 20 things you need to know.

Plan Your Trip
Visit this section for all the information you need to plan your travel.

Expat Services   Expat Forum   Live in Bolivia   Plan Your Trip

Are you still unsure if Bolivia is right for you?

If you are still in the research stage and haven't yet determined whether or not Bolivia is right for you, I encourage you to exhaust every resource available to you. You can ask questions in our public Expat Forum, read through all of the pages in our Live in Bolivia and Bolivia Facts sections, join our BoliviaBella Facebook Group, get in contact with other Expats in Bolivia, and keep up with Bolivia News and current events. All of these are free public resources. However, if after all of your research you still have questions you'd like answered, consider making use of the BoliviaBella Question and Answer Service. Read more about it here.

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