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This is our Samaipata Bolivia travel forum. Read more about Samaipata. Feel free to ask questions, post travel stories, upload photos or videos, or share your experiences living, traveling, studying, volunteering, doing business, or touring here. You can start a discussion on any subject you'd like. Your message will post BELOW the form and on our BoliviaBella Blog.

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Se puede viajar directo de Samaipata a Sucre? 
Es posible viajar en bus de Samaipata a Sucre sin regresar a Santa Cruz?

Transport from La Higuera to Urubamba and where to stay? 
Hi! We are a couple from India. We are planning to visit La Higuera on 8th-9th October, 2017. Can anybody suggest how I can book an overnight accommodation …

Do I need the yellow fever vaccine for Samaipata, Bolivia? 
Am visiting for 1st time and for 3 weeks. Am 60 yrs old and worried about side effects of vaccine for yellow fever. Do I need it for Samaipata, where I …

La Paz to Samaipata 
Can I get to Samaipata from La Paz without going through Santa Cruz?

La Paz to Samaipata 
i can not find any info how to get from La Paz to Samaipata,how far it is etc,it is some kind of tourism info from Bolivia...

Can you tell me about elementary schools in Samaipata 
I'm exploring grade schools in and around Samaipata. Are there any private schools in the area? Any good ones?

Return to Samaipata: No Longer a Tourist 
Samaipata is a very relaxing place and you will quickly slow to the pace of life there. There are no angry car horns though you may well not escape the …

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