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Obrajes aguas termales hostel/hotel?? 
contact information for a place to stay at (or near) Obrajes aguas termales?? Muchas Gracias

Viajo para el Carnaval desde Argentina. Busco alojamiento economico. 
Necesitaria informacion por alojamiento en epoca de carnaval. Viajo solo. Hostal u habitación. Quiero hacer una reserva...Que me recomiendan?

I need information on hotels and hostels in Oruro, Bolivia 
Hello :) I am wanting to treat my family of 5 to Carnival in Oruro. It's been a while since I have been there and could use help on where to stay . …

Busco casa amoblada para alquilar durante el carnaval 2015 en Oruro 
Carnaval del 2015, casa para 4 personas, una pareja, y dos individuales, preferible cerca (2 cuadras) a la entrada del carnaval. Mande su mensaje a …

Empresa Ferroviaria Andina S.A. Try Hard, Falling Short! 
Worst Train Experience in a lifetime of train travel! Oruro to the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Having ridden trains in Russia, Mongolia, China and many …

Bolivia Tourism: Things to do and see, places to go in Oruro, Bolivia 
Oruro, Bolivia is best known for its carnival, the famed Carnaval de Oruro , in which over 20,000 folklore dancers and 10,000 musicians participate. …

How do you say "I am gay" in Aymara? 
An organization in Europe is looking for the correct translation for the words "I am gay" in Aymara. If you know the answer, please click on "post comments" …

Bolivia te Espera (Bolivia Awaits You) Oruro 
The Bolivian Vice Ministry of Tourism has created a new one-minute video of the Department of Oruro. View it below in English. "Bolivia te Espera" (Bolivia …

What is the minimum ambient temperature in Oruro? 
Can anyone please tell me what is the minimum ambient temperature in Oruro (or where I can find out)?

Big Eats, Big Meats and the Dancing Divine!  
This is a time of devils, archangels and morenos perfecting their steps for the upcoming Carnival Celebration (March 4-8) on the altiplano (high plains) …

Oruro Carnival Accommodations 
HELP !! We need somewhere to stay when we visit Oruro for Carnival in March (4th - 8th). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Wilson.

Oruro Apartment Now? 
With some help from Bella, I have arrived in Bolivia safe and sound. I know this is a late request; but here goes anyway. I'm going to Oruro, with my …

mandenme fotos de nuevo hotel en construccion en frente de la iglesia el socavon en oruro 
mi email es quiero mucho a bolivia he estado 2 veces y me encanta cochabamba y santa cruz por favor mandenme fotos del nuevo hotel que …

Climate and Weather in Oruro Bolivia 
Oruro, located high on the Andean highlands (the Altiplano - or High Plateau) is just a short bus ride (about 3 hours) from the city of La Paz. At 3709 …

Carnaval in Oruro one of my top 10! 
It was very difficult to arrange our Oruro trip from Los Angeles, but I have to say that it was worth it. This has to be one of the best in the world. …

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