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This is our Coroico Bolivia travel forum. Read more about Coroico. Feel free to ask questions, post travel stories, upload photos or videos, or share your experiences living, traveling, studying, volunteering, doing business, or touring here. You can start a discussion on any subject you'd like. Your message will post BELOW the form and will run through the Blog.

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Asociación guías locales de turismo de coroico  
Ayer, hicimos un tour con esta asociación de guías locales a tocaña, Comunidad afroboliviana, contratado con el guía Pio, y nos tomaron el pelo,volvimos …

Second Night in Coroico, Yungas Bolivia - Gets Even Better 
As a continuation of my previous post about our first night in Coroico, Yungas Bolivia, this post picks up where that one left off... So when the …

Hello World :) - First Night in Coroico, Yungas Bolivia 
First of all, welcome to my blog! I am delighted you took the time to be here and see what I have to say. I hope my stories and the adventures of my family …

Which are the best La Paz - Coroico bus companies? 
Cautious Dad - My son wishes to travel from La Paz to Coroico. I understand that this road (Camino de la Muerte) is dangerous. That said, if he does go, …

Bolivia Travelers: Use Caution Along the La Paz - Coroico - Caranavi Road 
02 February 2013. Things are not good on the Caranavi Road (and the rainy season is just really beginning)....just from last night there are now 7 …

Carla´s Garden Pub - Coroico, Bolivia  
This a fairly new addition to the night scene in the cloud forest of Los Yungas, however, Carla's Garden Pub is rapidly becoming THE night spot for travelers …

Senda Verde Animal Refuge - Ecotourism Resort - Los Yungas Bolivia 
La Senda Verde is a Bolivian privately run ecotourism retreat/resort, which was started in year 2003 by the owners Vicky and Marcelo and has become one …

Coroico se vuelve destino turistico de verdad 
Gracias a la pagina web este pueblo al fin tiene la informacion que merece en el internet. Los turistas potenciales puedan informarse sobre …

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