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International certificate for Catholic school.. How does one get one? 
My child is attending a Bolivian Catholic school. How do we get a international High School diploma recognized in the United states?

Project about Bolivia 
I'm doing a project about Bolivia! Thank you for the resources.

School Project Permission  
To whom it may concern, Hello, our names are Laura Hoeker and Claire Aurilio. We are juniors at Bow High School in Bow, New Hampshire. As part of a …

Gov of Bolivia 
I am looking for a hands on project for seven grades who are studying politics and government, of Bolivia and or La Paz? Thank you for your help.

What is Bolivia Famous for? 
I am wondering what Bolivia is famous for, and if possible, what Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia is famous for.

Pop Culture in Bolivia 
What is the pop culture like Bolivia? What is the technology? What is the modern style? What tv shows and movies are popular?

Would like to use your pictures for our school's Multicultural Night. 
Hi! I LOVE your website! Previous to visiting your site, I knew very little about Bolivia, now I am totally enthralled. Our school has a Multicultural …

I need to know more about Bolivian history 
I need to know more about the history of Bolivia.

Can you describe Bolivia and its cultures? 
Could you describe what the people are like and what it is like to live in Bolivia? What cultures does Bolivia compare to?

Project on Bolivia 
Our names are Ms. Hupp and Ms. Sanchez. We are teachers at Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary, San Diego, California. We are doing a multicultural fare at …

Spanish Class Project - Bolivia 
Hola! I am a high school student doing a project about love in other cultures and i got assigned the country of Bolivia! I was curious as to if anyone …

When do Bolivian children have school holidays? 
I would like to know when the schools in Bolivia start and when children have their two months of holiday.

Can you help me with my Bolivia school project? 
I am doing a country notebook on Bolivia. I am looking for free postcards or anything I can use for my notebook. I am in the 5th grade and I live in Kansas …

Necesito ideas para Dia Cultural sobre Bolivia - Need ideas on Bolivia for school Cultural Day 
Hola, Estoy organizando Cultural Day para un colegio en Florida y vamos a presentar los paises de America del Sur. Necesito encontrar posters, artefactos …

Celebrations in Bolivia 
What are some facts about the celebrations in Bolivia?

Bolivia's Capital City 
What is Bolivia's capital city? -------------------------------- You'll find the answer here . Cheers! Kricket and Bella.

needing an authentic bolivian recipe for school project! 
I'm doing a project for my Spanish class and I have to bring in a food from there and I don't know what to bring. Please help. -------------------- Hola …

Please could you help me with my project on bolivia, including the gas war? 
One of the things I'm struggling to find information on is what weapons the protesters used and also what weapons the police were armed with and used? …

Please help with names for people who are from Moxos tribe. 
I am doing a project on the Beni region in particular and need the names of people men and women from the Moxos region and haven't been able to find this. …

Need help finding the name in bolivia for a police station and mayors offices! 
Please could you help me, as I need for a project the bolivian name for the police station and the same for the government building that a mayor would …

Need help working out how bolivian street names work! 
Please could you help me work out how bolivian street names work from the English into the Spanish, so for example, would Butterfly street, in English …

Doing a project on bolivia, please help!  
What do Bolivians call their priest? Is it father, and the Spanish of this?

School project 
Please may I have access to your pictures and videos? We are about to start an intercultural week at school and my class are studying Bolivia. The children …

Hello! My name is Lisa and i am 11 years old and i live in the U.A.E abu dhabi. I am doing a country report and i chose Bolivia. i am half swedish and …

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Bibliography for Bolivia School Project 
For my school project, I need to create a bibliography and I need to put in the bibliography when you site facts were updated. Can you tell me the last …

Does Bolivia really have two capital cities? 
ok so my question is that i have a report to do and it said why does bolivia have two major capitals cities which are la paz y sucre and i could not …

Need pictures of Bolivia 
May you send some pics of Bolivia that is beautiful and cities and town?

I'm teaching a Sunday School Class on Bolivia and need a few facts and a map and flag that I can have the kids colour. 
Do you have information I can use for 10 children? ---------------------------------- Have you seen our school project page? …

What is an environmental problem that Bolivia is currently facing? 
What is an environmental problem that Bolivia is currently facing?

School Project 
Hi! I am a sophomore in high school and I was assigned to do an A-Z project on Bolivia. Is it okay if I use some of the information on your site? (Of course …

Can we use your photos for a school project 
Can we use your photos for a school project ------------------------------------ Hello, yes you may. Our only stipulation is that none of our images …

Can we use your photos for a homemade book? 
Hola! I'm making a little book for my children about interesting facts of Bolivia...we're traveling there in a few weeks and I'd like them to learn a little …

Using Pictures on School Project Posters 
Hi, We are a small primary school in NZ doing a project on Bolivia, as our teacher went to Bolivia last year. We need pictures for our posters and are …

What are the top 5 tourist attractions in Bolivia? 
1-Apr-2012 What are the 5 top tourist attractions in Bolivia? Response: We've answered your questions to the best of our abilities on this page and …

Permission to use info and pics 
Buenos Dias. I am currently enrolled in a Spanish 2 class. I need to have a presentation complete on a country in which Spanish is the local language. …

what is life like in bolivia for the poor? 
what is life in bolivia for the poorer people?

Permission to use photos 
HI all---all is well here in the USA....we are doing a report on Bolivia and may we use some of your photos, maps etc.... Thanks!! Yes! Please do. We …

Permission to use information and pictures 
Buenos Dias...Good Morning...I am a bolivian mother to a very vivacious 4 year old boy..and I was asked by his preschool to participate in international …

school report 
could i please use your photos and information for my school report on Bolivia ? thanks Olivia Response: You may, Olivia. As long as they do not get …

can i use your pictures? 
I was wondering if I could use some of your pictures for my school project? RESPONSE: Dear Erin, you may use my photos for a school project, no problem. …

How do you celebrate Mothers Day in Bolivia? 

How do Bolivians celebrate Valentines Day? 
asap please that would make me feel gooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

What other than navidad? 
answer please fast cause i am about to go

please tell us about girl guides or scouts de bolivia 
My troop has chosen Bolivia for thinking day and need to see what the uniforms look like. thank you

Permission to use your pictures 
My name is Liam. I have to make a poster for school with 5 fascinating facts about Bolivia. I am thankful for your website! I would like permission …

For my school project, what problems is Bolivia experiencing? 
I need to know for my project on Bolivia what problems does bolivia have? For example war, environment, economy, or government.

Information for Emily's report 
Dear Emily, The most popular, and passionate, sport played in Bolivia is soccer, called futbol here. Other sports played are: basketball, volleyball, …

Help me with my school project on Bolivia please? 
Hi Kricket im emily and im doing a school project about south america and i have to create a fact file for each country and im on bolivia now, i have quite …

Permission to use pictures/ information for Spanish project :) ? 
Hello! I'm doing a Spanish project on Bolivia which by the way is a very BEAUTIFUL country. Thanks for this website its helping me a lot. And I'm asking …

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What type of government does Bolivia have? 
Hi, I'm doing a project on Bolivia. Please tell me what your government is like. P.S what is your capital?

I would permission to use pictures for my homeschool project. Thank you. 
I would permission to use pictures for my homeschool project. Thank you. Hi. You may use our photos for your project. Please reference they are Copyright …

What do Bolivians do for Fun? 
I was wondering because I have a question on my paper that says the question so I have to find the answer.

What is a popular girls name in Bolivia? 
What is a popular girls name in Bolivia?

What are the Historical Sites you can Visit in Bolivia? 

Tell me about Bolivian traditions 
What unique traditions does Bolivia have?

Permission to use info and pics 
Hey, I am researching Bolivia for a school project and would like your permission to use your information and pictures.

Question #1 
What is family life like in Bolivia and what is the adoption rates? Describe the sad life of poverty since there seems to be to much :( Thanks! :)

easy to make bolvian food? 
need to make a bolivian food for international day it needs to be easy to make and something kids will eat

What are Bolivia's major exports and imports? 
What are the major Bolivian exports and imports, and where are they located? I need this to make a product map.

How did Bolivia get its name?! REALLY need to know 
How did Bolivia get its name?! REALLY need to know

Permission to use photos 
I am writing a paper and preparing a classroom presentation. Can I use some of the photos on your website for my project? Also I need to make a recipe …

permission to use photos for class project 
We are studying Bolivia for a school project. Also, we are wanting to get to know more about Bolivia beacuse we sponsor a young girl who lives in a small …

Your website is beautiful and helpful. 
Thank you. My daughter and I found everything we needed for a great project. We would like permission to use some of the photos for her poster. Do you …

Permissions for Girl Scouts 
I am a leader of some Girl Scouts in TX doing a project on Bolivia and Bolivia Girl Guides. We would love to use information (including pictures) about …

Occupations in Bolivia 
I was wondering what the common occupations or jobs are in Bolivia.

Help with Bolivia craft ideas? 
Hello Bella, I'm helping at an event for kids where we will do activities from other countries. I was assigned to find crafts from Bolivia, but I can't …

Bolivian Game 
Is there someone online that I can purchase the wooden ball and stick used in the Bolivian Enchoque game?

Girl Guides in Bolivia 
Our Girl Scout troop (of 9-11 year olds) will be representing Bolivia at our World Thinking Day next month. Do you have any photos of Girl Guides in uniform? …

military uniforms of bolivia 
what is military uniforms of bolivia?

What is it like to be a teen in Bolivia? 
What is it like to be an 18 year old girl in Bolivia? Are traditions needed to be followed? or what?

What is the main religion in bolivia? 
What is the main religion in bolivia?

Bolivia flag - Is there more than one flag of Bolivia? 
I heard about the Bolivia flag being changed. What's the story behind the new flag of Bolivia, I mean is there a new Bolivian flag and is the old one is …

can i plz have...... 
ahh hae my yrc 8 class is doing spanish places in topic and you are one of them and i was wanderin if I could have some information and pictures to go …

Questions about Bolivia 
Hey, what is the capital of Bolivia?

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Permission to use your photos 
Can I have permission to use your photos in my classroom? My third grade class is studying Bolivia for our diversity project this year, and we will teach …

I am researching information for a school project, can I use some of the information on this website?

Information about Potosi for school project 
I would like to know all about Potosi, for my school project.

What are the sports they usually play in Bolivia??

School Donation Project  
Hi, I am a student from the U.S. and my leadership class is doing a care project, and we don't really want to send just money but we were wondering if …

Does Bolivia have a national mineral or gem? 
Bolivia hasn't really selected a mineral or gem as it's official national gem symbol or official national mineral symbol BUT... there is a gem that is …

Thank You 
all of this helped me SO much with my project i cant thank u any much Birya: You're really really welcome! Kricket and Bella.

Bolivian maps, wildlife, games, crafts for children 
Hello Bella, our church is preparing to run a Vacation Bible School during the March break holiday. Bolivia is the focus of our mission stories, centering …

bolivia research 
where can i get facts about bolivia

Project about Bolivia 
I am in the fifth grade. I am supposed to make a project and poster board about Bolivia for my school's annual Fifth Grade "Western Hemisphere Fair". …

working on a project for Bolivia 
Hey, at my school I got Bolivia as my project and I was wondering if you knew what type of environmental concerns and natural disasters there are? Also …

Kricket's Name 
How did Kricket get her name? In response: Hi Elizabeth. Kricket is bouncy and fun and very energetic and never stops talking and singing and moving …

I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BOLIVIA AND THE TRADITIONS IN BOLIVIA DURING CHRISTMAS. In response: Hi Deborah. You'll find information on Bolivian Christmas …

what is the most importent animal in Bolivia? :-) In response: I'm actually REALLY glad you asked this. This answer is, "it depends". Some animals …

most visited city 
What is the most visited city in Bolivia? In response: I'm going to assume you're asking which Bolivian city is most visited by foreigners. To give …

What is Bolivia doing about the loss of rainforest? 
A site visitor asked us today, "What are the people of Bolivia doing about the loss of rainforest, and what are their strategies?" In response: Bolivians …

Christmas in Bolivia 
Hola Bella y Kricket, I am a Spanish teacher for gifted children in Kansas City, Missouri. My co-teacher and I are hoping to develop a lesson with details …

list of religious holidays in bolivia 
What are some important religious holidays?

Bolivia is interesting! 
I think that Bolivia is a very interesting country. I am studying it from my Spanish class and want to visit there someday!

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