For my school project, what problems is Bolivia experiencing?

I need to know for my project on Bolivia what problems does bolivia have? For example war, environment, economy, or government.

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May 07, 2018
by: Anonymous

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Jun 02, 2016
Missionary Work
by: joc

Hi, I will like to know more and I will look for additional information. I have a friend that is looking to be part of a missionary service with South America Mission. A big Heart for other but not much experience in life due to her age. We all need to mature at one time but we never like to let our kid to go to the lion den without experience. Pray for guidance, wisdom and protection for those that love to share God love.

May 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

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Jan 22, 2012
Problems in Bolivia
by: Teresa

Hi! I´m glad that you are studying about Bolivia; I learned about it as a kid in the US, found it to be very interesting, married a Bolivian and have lived in Bolivia for almost 5 yrs.!

Actually, Bolivia bella means beautiful Bolivia in Spanish. This website was created to share and show all the beautiful and positive things about Bolivia. does not give much information about Bolivia´s problems. But, you can click on Bolivia News, which is under the heading, About Bolivia in the green column on the side of this webpage.

I believe that Bolivia´s biggest problem is poverty, which causes many problems and those problems cause more poverty!

*teen pregnancy and many children
*child neglect
*poor living conditions
*filth, contaminated water and garbage not taken care of
*no social support for children/people with special needs
*poor nutrition
*drug and alcohol abuse
*schools in bad condition
*teachers are not well paid
*lack of technology/refusal to use technology
*Bolivia is landlocked, which means it does not have access to an ocean which makes it difficult and costly to trade, import/export goods with other countries.
*many educated people leave Bolivia to find better paying jobs in other countries ---leaving their families and children behind
*lack of laws and enforcement of laws
--- so people who drive, build houses/buildings, do plumbing, do electrical work, work on cars, etc. are not certified or legally licensed to do these things, maybe they were taught by someone else/ self-taught and don´t know the rules, laws, correct methods and are careless/ignorant, which = dangerous!

Well, I hope this helps you.
Despite these conditions, Bolivia is a country rich in natural beauty: the wildlife, the rainforest and somehow, the poverty makes the people treasure the little that they do have and any opportunities/help that may be offered to them, such as help digging a well, a cow or sheep, a bible in Spanish, learning English or some clothes, soap, a toothbrush, school supplies, blankets or a little toy.

--- The problems of poverty are endless, are there 24/7/365 and carry on into the next generation.

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