what is the most importent animal in Bolivia? :-)

In response: I'm actually REALLY glad you asked this. This answer is, "it depends". Some animals are very important because we need them for food. In Bolivia that would make cows and chickens the most important.

Some are important for clothing. In Bolivia the sheep and the llama probably win in that regard.

But did you know that Bolivia is home to 40% of all the biodiversity (that's plant and animal life) on Earth???

There are tens of thousands of species of animals, birds, fish, insects and others in Bolivia and ever single one of them serves a special purpose in nature. There are so many it would be impossible to truly say which ONE species is the most important...

When just one species goes extinct, entire food chains and ecosystems can suffer or even collapse.

So in that respect I would have to say that our ENDANGERED SPECIES are the most important animals in Bolivia.

Because once they disappear, life will change for hundreds of other species whose lives are intermixed with theirs (including ours), and because when they disappear, it could cause other species to go extinct too!

Click here to read about some of them. WWF, the international conservation agency, shared these pages with us.

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