Celebrations in Bolivia

by keke

What are some facts about the celebrations in Bolivia?

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May 17, 2017
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Nov 03, 2013
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Nov 01, 2013
Celbrations in Bolivia
by: Marjorie Mindel

There are many celebrations in Bolivia. Some are religious, like Christmas, Easter and All Saints Day. These all have local traditions on how their celebrated, with some similarities throughout the country.

Others are traditional, like Independence Day(August 6th),the individual Department's Foundation days (Santa Cruz-September 24th, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Student's Day, etc.
Some are national holidays with no school/banks/businesses. Other are celebrated in schools or by families at home or elsewhere.

Also, like the Sweet 16th birthday in the US, the 15th birthday is still celebrated by some in Bolivia as a big deal, with large, fancy parties. Some even go on a 15th-birthday cruise on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

One of the most important, and most celebrated celebrations in Bolivia, and most Latin-American countries, is one which originated from a pagan religion. It is Carnaval (called Mardi Gras in New Orleans). Comparsas (groups formed by friends and/or families)elect their Queen, make and decorate floats, and have parties during the year to raise money for the costumes and floats. Before and during the 3 days of Carnaval (which are national holidays), there are parades in the streets with all the members of the comparsas dancing behind their floats. Their Queen is dressed in fancy clothes on the float, waving at all the people watching the parades. A tradition during Carnaval is to throw water balloons,paint balloons and spray foam. (The children especially like this part.)

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