Project about Bolivia

by Raziel
(New York, USA)

I am in the fifth grade. I am supposed to make a project and poster board about Bolivia for my school's annual Fifth Grade "Western Hemisphere Fair". I have researched the important facts, interesting facts and history of Bolivia, and now need an idea for creating a project. Any suggestions?

I love working with Lego and would greatly appreciate a suggestion for a project that can be made out of Lego.

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Jan 17, 2010
Something artistic maybe?
by: BoliviaBella

Hi Raziel
What if you did something really different and made an artistic pattern out of your legos. If you take a look at our Bolivia Gift Shop and click on the sections on WOOL RUGS, TAPESTRIES or APPLIQUE ART you could see some typical Andean designs and get some really good ideas.

Maybe you were thinking more along the lines of building something typical like a typical Bolivian home or one of our main landmarks - in that case, why not our Mount Illimani with a blue lego Lake Titicaca or a replica of our famous Uyuni Salt Lakes using white legos - with little green lego cactuses and brown lego mountains in the background? Check out our 50 Bolivia Photo Galleries for pictures.

Over half of Bolivia is located in the tropics. What about a green lego rainforest with other-colored lego animals, birds and flowers? (Snakes, toucans, scarlett macaws maybe)? Check out our Jesuit Missions photo galleries (San Javier, Concepcion etc.) and build one of our famous historic Jesuit cathedrals that are found in the rainforest (ever seen the movie The Mission with Jeremy Irons?).

Whatever you end up making, would you send us a picture of it when you finish? We'd love to share your masterpiece!!!

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