Project on Bolivia

by Roberta Sanchez
(San Diego, California, USA)

Our names are Ms. Hupp and Ms. Sanchez. We are teachers at Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary, San Diego, California. We are doing a multicultural fare at our school and would like to copy some of your pictures for the children's reports. We understand that if we are using them for their written reports, it is alright to copy and paste, but we wanted to make sure. We will not be posting them on the internet. It is merely to write our reports and possibly illustrate them with the wonderful pictures your have on your site. Would this be alright.
Roberta Sanchez
Cameron Hupp

Note from webmaster: Dear Ms. Hupp and Ms. Sanchez. I really appreciate that you asked first... a great example to your students about respecting the work and efforts of others. Please do feel free to use our photos since you will not be posting them online in any way, and send your students special greetings from Bolivia! :D

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