by Suzie V.
(Lodi CA U.S.A)

What are the sports they usually play in Bolivia??

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May 20, 2015
by: Juan Hernandez

Soccr is the most popular sport in boliva guys if you have achisons class and you got Bolivia write this down cuhz

Apr 26, 2010
Sports in Bolivia
by: Anonymous

Soccer is the most common and popular sport in Bolivia and is mostly played by boys and men, although that is changing and girls and women are beginning to form teams.

There are also many other sports such as tennis, raquetball, swimming, horseback riding, golf, gymnastics, racing (as in cars), skiing (except our glaciers are melting), mountain climbing, hiking, running and jogging, and all types of track and field, rollerblading, volleyball and others. There are also motorcycle races and bicycle racing or mountain biking. Also in some areas people do waterski or use waverunners, but these are not that common.

Also, in areas where there are hills and mountains lots of people, including tourists, do rapelling and rock climbing. Also in the tropical areas where there are very voluminous rivers you can do whitewater rafting. In some jungle you can do Canopy Tours. This is where you sit in a harness or sling and slide very fast along a metal cable through the trees. If you consider hunting and fishing as a sport, there is a lot of that here too.

The exceptions would be American football and baseball which are not played here almost at all. Once in a while you'll find a few people trying to form teams (such as between company employees or something), but neither one has really caught on.

Also, there is no ice skating or ice hockey because we don't have ice rinks. There used to be a tiny ice skating rink in Santa Cruz but it didn't last very long.

Mostly we play the same sports in Bolivia as you play in the US, but none is as big a deal as soccer.

Apr 23, 2010
futbol crazy sport
by: Valerio

Im Valerio Im 12 the most play sport in Bolivia its the futbol and my father say is like religión but Im catolic

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