by Lisa
(abu dhabi)

Hello! My name is Lisa and i am 11 years old and i live in the U.A.E abu dhabi. I am doing a country report and i chose Bolivia. i am half swedish and half spanish so i know the language they speak there. i have a question that i would really appreciate if u answered. "tell about the points of interest/famous sites within your country that people from other countries may be interested in visiting" it sais on my 'YOU NEED THIS' list! Please please please help me! i have looked on the internet and in books but i cant find it! thank you!
ps: your website really helped my project! so its an awesome website :)

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Nov 24, 2019
Rather a Question, if I may, please🤔🤔🤔

Bolivia under Evo Morales, appeared rising Economically and Socially. Achievements in country infrastructure, including roads and schools!, unemployment and poverty dramatically reduced, and most important, citizens participation in the country’s political affairs, including women and indigenous groups. All seemed going very well. But Evo was not favored by the elites that remain more concerned with their own interests, to perpetuate their wealth, rather than the good of the country😩😩😩 Tato Quiroga returned, and in collusion with the generals, appeared ready to not allow Evo being re-elected, no matter all the positive results achieved, and apparently more to come, should Evo had continued governing. The clamor of the elites was to "remove him in the name of Democracy", instead of attempting reach an agreement in the next election, working throughout the coming 5 years in the passing of the baton to a new — agreed upon — new administration. VERY SAD TO SEE ALL ACHIEVEMENTS THROWN AWAY☹️☹️☹️ Will we ever see that greedy and corruption are the powerful enemies of the human race??? They can be defeated‼️but it needs of ALL OF US to be convinced that getting rid of them will — without a doubt — guarantee a better life for everyone in this planet. Should we move forward? I’m doing my part; are you?

Mar 18, 2013
Famous Sites in Bolivia
by: Tara

Two places that many people want to go in Bolivia are the Salar de Uyuni and Lake Titicaca. You can find a lot of information about these places on the internet. Adventure-seekers often like to travel the "Road of Death" a highway between La Paz and Coroico.

Good luck on your project!

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