What is Bolivia doing about the loss of rainforest?

(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

A site visitor asked us today, "What are the people of Bolivia doing about the loss of rainforest, and what are their strategies?"

In response: Bolivians should be very concerned because Bolivia is home to 40% of the world's biodiversity. One strategy is to ensure lumber and wood product exporters use only certified wood. In fact, Bolivia is NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD in certified tropical forests. Take a look at this page.

The city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra was the first city in South America to join the Earth Hour movement.

You might also want to see what WWF the Conservation Agency is doing in Bolivia - They post articles at the bottom of this page, many of them related to climate change and the environment and what they and all of us can do about it.

Please also see what Greenhearts is doing.

Like these, there are dozens of other agencies working on the issue such as FAN The Friends of Nature Foundation, the Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, and many many others, both foreign and Bolivian.

Bolivia is a leading promoter of Ecotourism.

See Kricket's own rainforest pages for kids.

BoliviaBella will support any movement to save our rainforests and works actively to include information that ANY agency working on climate change or the conservation of our environment wants to share by providing a space on this site FREE for that purpose.

One of the main strategies is to work along side indigenous groups as well as the forest industry to try to ensure the sustainable use of forest resources.

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