Help me with my school project on Bolivia please?

Hi Kricket im emily and im doing a school project about south america and i have to create a fact file for each country and im on bolivia now, i have quite a few questions if thats ok and my 1st is
what is your major export?
what is your national sport and whats it a combination of is so ?
most popular sport ?
and what do you produce a lot of ?
thank you

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Dec 05, 2011
Your Bolivia School Project
by: Kricket

Hi Emily. Bolivia's major exports are natural resources such as forest and agricultural products, oil and gas, minerals and gems, but Bolivia's current major export is natural gas. We have a whole page about our natural resources here that will answer your questions about our major exports and what we produce a lot of.

Many sports are played in Bolivia but the number one national sport is soccer. Bolivians are soccer fiends! Read more about that here:

Thank you for visiting our site. Did you know that in Bolivia the schoolyear is February to November? I just finished school for the year and now I'm on summer vacation until February!

Dec 05, 2011
Information for Emily's Report
by: BoliviaBella

Dear Emily. Someone responded to your request for information about Bolivia for your school report. Copy and paste this into your browser to see what they shared:

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