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Hi Everyone, our travel planner is probably one of the most important pages on our site for both tourists and those who plan to move to Bolivia. Bolivia is still a relatively inexpensive travel destination; however, the most expensive part of your trip will most likely be your flight. So we've affiliated with numerous worldwide travel companies in order to provide you information on the latest flight, hotel and travel deals. In addition, please read about travel safety at the bottom of this page. It's become a much more important issue lately, prompting me to take some action. I just want you to have the best time possible while in Bolivia.

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Hotels & Hostels & Accommodations
From cheap to luxury, find where to stay all over Bolivia
Bolivia Hotel Review
Rate a hotel, warn us off if necessary. Help us bring a gem to light
Growing list of cafés, bars and dining establishments
Restaurant Review
Critique or recommend a restaurant, or simply add more restaurants
Bolivian Food
Bolivian food and recipes, markets, grocery stores and more
All the different airlines that connect Bolivia to the world plus fare search
A description of Bolivia's railway systems and how to get around by train
How taxis work, where to find them, how to keep safe
City buses, departmental buses, interdepartmental buses
Bus Stations
Contact information for bus terminals in the major cities of Bolivia
Tours and travel on Bolivia's rivers and lakes
Car Rental
Reputable rent a car agencies in Bolivia
Drivers License
When you need one, how to get one, driving in Bolivia
We're hoping you'll never need a tow truck but just in case
Roads and road conditions in Bolivia. What to expect and what to avoid

Bolivia Travel and Destination Services

BoliviaBella Expat Services
Our Expat Services unit can help smooth your transition to living in Bolivia
Travel Agencies & Tour Operators
List of agents and tour operators in Bolivia with contact information
Travel Agency Review
Critique or recommend Bolivia tour and travel agents
Bella's Top Choice Tour Operator
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Travel Insurance
We now recommend insurance for visits to Bolivia, here's why
Insurance in Bolivia
Life, health, medical, and car insurance companies in Bolivia
Health Services
Doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics and contact information
Laundry Services and Drycleaners
Find out where you can wash your clothes while you travel
Relocation Services
International movers, packers and shippers for moving to Bolivia
Couriers and Mail
How the Bolivian postal system works. How to mail things overseas
Learn Spanish
Study Spanish in Bolivia. Or print out our list of free phrases
American Embassy Travel Warnings
Great travel advisories and warnings for everyone

Tourist Info: Bolivia Country Facts

Facts about Bolivia
Learn more about Bolivia and its culture before you travel
Bolivia Tips & Warnings
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Share Your Advice
Share your own Bolivia travel tips, advice and recommendations
Travel Stories
Share your experiences and photos or highlight a great attraction
All Bolivia Forums
Ask any question in our forums. Maybe it's already been answered
Read this prior to traveling to help your trip go a little more smoothly
Things you need to be aware of and how to stay safe
Bolivia Map Shop
We made it easy to purchase maps and guides online
Visa Requirements
Inform yourself and arrive on the correct visa
Altitude Sickness
Common symptoms, how to avoid it, how to soothe or remedy it
Yellow Fever
Read about symptoms, the vaccine, and prevention
How it works and what to expect if you plan to move to Bolivia
As in border and airport customs, not our culture and traditions
Where to find your country's consulate or embassy in Bolivia
How to call Bolivia
Make sure your friends and family know how to make calls to Bolivia
Bolivian money, banking, exchange rates, money exchange and more
Bolivia climate and weather, seasons and forecasts
Culture and customs
Social etiquette, customary practices and traditions in Bolivia
Requirement Regarding Kids
Consider before and after you move your children around the world
Moving with Pets
Immunization, documentation, quarantine, and immigration requirements
What to expect, how to handle money, where to find stores and markets
Learn to bargain! Get the best prices, when and how to bargain or not
Holidays and Festivals
All the events that might make a difference in your itinerary
Events (English)
Be sure to check out this page for fun things to do and see
Events (Spanish)
One of our largest sections, new events are announced almost daily
Santa Cruz Tourist Information Center
It's small and they only speak Spanish but it's loaded with brochures

A Word About Travel Safety

Bolivia is a nation of geographical extremes, remote travel attractions, rather poor medical facilities, occasional political instability, roads in poor condition, and sadly, growing crime rates against tourists. May 2012 was an especially tumultuous month in Bolivia. You should take certain precautions while you travel. We are now actively recommending that you do have travel insurance. We've partnered with to cover you while you tour Bolivia.

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