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ESPAÑOL There are numerous travel agencies and tour operators in Bolivia experienced in booking flights, hotel reservations, and planning and conducting tours throughout the nation. Bolivian tour operators also offer other services such as help with obtaining travel documentation, services for travelers with special needs, obtaining permits for travel with minors, information on vaccines, permits for entry to national parks, and other immigration and customs requirements.

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Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Bolivia

Two points of view on choosing a travel agency

For touring Bolivia we have two points of view which may seem to contradict each other, but really just depend on the type of experience you want to have.

1. Contact a Bolivian tour operator that works with local guides native to the area in which your tour destination is located. You'll be happier to be shown around by a person who knows and lives in the area than one who is simply reciting a memorized "tour script". Many local Bolivian tour guides can share information with you on the history, culture, beliefs and traditions of the area and are happy to share their personal experiences with you. So ask your agent WHO actually guides the tours you're interested in. In addition, this helps bring in much-needed income to the families that live in these areas.

2. There are some excellent tour operators in Bolivia who are foreigners. The interesting thing about taking a tour with a foreign guide or even one that is just organized by a foreign tour operator is that foreigners view things differently than locals do. What may seem completely uninteresting to a local may be radically exciting to a foreigner. When we're touring we just see things locals don't pay any attention to. This different viewpoint often leads to short side-tours, unexpected adventures and surprising fun options during your tour. By the way, "foreign" tour operators tend to be more flexible about making changes and customizing tours.

Travel Agencies | Tourism Home Page | Plan Your Trip

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