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Dear travelers: I'm the owner of Read more about me here. Safety, crime and other negative things are the last topics I'd like to talk to you about. As you read through the pages of our site you'll realize that it's very different from other websites about Bolivia. Every page has been written either by me, or by others who actually live and work in Bolivia. You'll also notice that we make it a point to highlight the beautiful and positive aspects of Bolivia. But I am aware that is one of the most highly trusted sites about Bolivia for a reason: we tell it like it is. So it's important to me that you also know about the safety concerns you should take into account when you travel Bolivia.

I care because I'm as guilty as anyone else of thinking "that would never happen to me".

1. Bolivian roads can be dangerous and not well-maintained. Tour vehicles are also often not safe. One tourist's horrifying story (shared by her on my website) left me in tears and compelled me to start thinking about travel insurance. I had never used it before. Since then, there have been others.

2. Bolivia thrives on offering adventure tourism. Don't underestimate how remote tours like the Death Road bicycle tour and Uyuni tours are. Medical centers can be hours away and poorly equipped. Tour operators often do not offer safety features like seat belts, or have no first-aid training or equipment to communicate with emergency services.

3. Crime is on the rise in Bolivia. There has always had a problem with pickpockets and the petty theft of cameras, backpacks and other items. But now, crimes directed at foreigners, such as express kidnappings, "pildoritas" (a woman drugs your drink then robs you) and fake police officers demanding your documents, are becoming more frequent in some areas.

4. Civil unrest can occur at a moment's notice. The country has been politically unstable during the past few years and has seen a spike in the number of protests, road blocks, and strikes. For travelers, this means your trip itinerary may change, and flights could be cancelled or missed.

5. Other unexpected things can happen. You could get sick, the airlines could lose your luggage, your trip could get delayed or canceled, natural disasters such as landslides and flooding do happen and can block access to sites, you could miss your flight, etc.

Enjoy Bolivia, just be smart about it. You can prepare in advance, inform yourself, pay attention to news, warnings and precautions, use common safety sense, and do not intentionally put yourself in hazardous situations while traveling. Subscribe to my blog to stay informed while you are traveling Bolivia. It just takes a load off to know you can travel safely.

I recommend World Nomads. However, no matter which company you use, get travel insurance!

Notice: Due to the Recent Political Upheaval in Bolivia, World Nomads is Currently NOT Covering Bolivia

I still highly recommend travel insurance regardless of which company you choose to use. We will let you know when World Nomads resumes coverage.

Due to the above concerns, I researched travel insurance extensively. Like I said, I had never, ever thought about travel insurance before. So to recommend insurance to others it had to be a company I myself could use: one that's well-known, trustworthy and responsible. is recommended by Lonely Planet, Hostelbookers, Footprint Travel Guides, National Geographic Adventure, and many other highly respected travel sites.

For Bolivia it has to be flexible and inexpensive

While studying travel insurance options, World Nomads stood out for its flexibility, low prices, and some of the options it covers that other insurance companies do not. Like you can buy, extend and claim online, even after you've left home. Travel insurance is available to people from over 140 countries. And it’s designed for adventure travel, so it covers overseas medical expenses, lost or stole baggage, even evacuations!

I only recommend services I'd use myself

Of course there are many other travel insurance companies to choose from. You can enter your information below to see if World Nomads is best for you. Please know that I only recommend services on this site that I truly believe might add value to your travel (and my own) so you can leave Bolivia feeling your experience has changed you in positive ways. That's my wish for you!

Tourism | Travel Forums | Live in Bolivia | Plan Your Trip

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