Bolivian Culture & Customs: Etiquette

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In Bolivia society is ever so slightly formal and etiquette, culture and traditions are well ingrained. People are friendly and open, hospitable and welcoming for the most part, but form opinions early on and often cling to stereotypes. Your knowledge of the culture, customs and etiquette of Bolivia will cause them to concentrate less on teaching you Bolivian customs and more on wanting to know about your culture and customs. A lack of knowledge on Bolivian culture will put the focus back on you.

Bolivian Etiquette Culture and Traditions

Bolivians who see foreigners are thirsty to learn about Bolivian culture and customs readily and amicably make information available and are eager to share. Your willingness to question and discuss without judgment or offense, and to adapt to Bolivian culture and certain forms of etiquette will open a lot of doors for you while you travel Bolivia. Remember, you're visiting Bolivia for a new experience. So don't cling to your customs while you're here. You can return to them later. For now, let the doors of culture in Bolivia open to you!

Learn About Bolivian Customs & Etiquette

Live in Bolivia | Business in Bolivia | Tourism | Plan Your Trip

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