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We've been compiling lists of famous people from Bolivia in response to the many questions about this that we receive from kids and teens around the world who are studying about Bolivia. Here you can ask a question about a famous person from Bolivia, add more information about one of the famous Bolivians we've already listed, or add more famous people from Bolivia that are not already included in our list. Return to our Famous People From Bolivia Home Page to see all categories and the full list of famous Bolivians we've included so far.

En este foro puedes agregar información acerca de bolivianos y bolivianas que han encontrado la fama, o personajes históricos que son reconocidos, distinguidos o considerados famosos en Bolivia. Es nuestro intento de asegurar que el mundo conozca también quienes son. Estamos agregando información continuamente en inglés en esta página de Famosos de Bolivia pero tú puedes redactar tu mensaje en español.

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Charlene Eckels - Bolivian American Artist 
Bringing together folklore and historical memory, Charlene tries to illustrate the complexities of cultural identity. Every piece of artwork she creates …

Benjamin Martinez - Velocista en ciclismo de pista 
Benjamín Martínez fue el ciclista con más altos logros en la historia de Bolivia con resultados que no se lograron en ningún otro deporte en Bolivia a …

MI abuelito Berkeley Stevenson 
Please check if my grandfather from England who sailed to Bolivia to invest in mines, had one son Walter J Stevenson in 1931.

Flavio Bautista 
Flavio Edgar Bautista Arnez, nacido el 28 de Marzo de 1999. A la edad de 9 años hace su primera aparición en comerciales de televisión en Bolivia, es hijo …

Maria Madsen 
Maria is very famous in Bolivia

Famous Bolivian Athletes: Swimmer Karyna Aldunate 
International swimming champion in Bolivia. Held the record for fastest butterfly 200 meters in Bolivia for 8 years. Also represented Bolivia in Pan-American …

Famous musicians 
You need to include: Jaime Laredo, a world class violinist and conductor born in Cochabamba. Jaime Laredo Conductor Jaime Laredo is a violinist and …

Simon Boliviar 
The country of Bolivia is named after him. He fought in the Spanish American war.

Parker John Marco Juan Mata Jose 
They are very popular.

Oscar Ichazo is the most famous person from Bolivia 
Oscar Ichazo (DOB 7-24-1931) is the most influential Bolivian of modern times. He founded a mystical school in Arica, Chile in 1970, in the tradition …

Beatrice Brusic. This Bolivian born writer should be in your list of famous people from Bolivia. 
She is the author of Beyond the Snows of the Andes - a memoir of growing up in Bolivia. It is beautifully written and it has gotten very good reviews. …

Famous Bolivian Athletes: Kevin Syler, Bolivian Martial Arts Fighter 
Kevin Syler is a young martial arts fighter who is making his way up in the MMA world. His father, who is American, married his Bolivian mother in Santa …

Camryn Lucas is a famous Bolivian. 
Camryn Lucas is a born and raised Bolivian. She was born in 1997. Her parents Pam and Bruce moved her to L.A., California recently to go further in her …

Famous People from Bolivia? 
I'm doing a school project on Bolivia & I need to know some famous people from Bolivia? ----------------- From webmaster: Please visit this page for …

The Most Famous Bolivian of all Time. 
There is a young, 15 year old girl who is sitting in a classroom right now, looking up facts about Bolivia. One of the questions will be 'Who are some …

marvin marshall 
Famous for painting cars and beautiful pictures, loves to play basketball and football, he can also sculpt anything u ask him to.

Alfredo Müller - Bolivian Painter 
ALFREDO MÜLLER SUÁREZ ARANA - MÜLLER SUÁREZ ARANA, Alfredo (Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 1958).- Pintor. De formación autodidacta. Estudió arquitectura en Alagoa, …

Bolivian Violinist Jamie Laredo 
In the performing arts, Bolivia's best known figure has been the violinist Jaime Laredo. After the discovery of his unusual gift at the age of eight, Laredo …

Luciana Molina: Bolivian Poet and Creative Writer 
Luciana N Molina is a revolutionary, Bolivian poet and creative writer slowly walking the line between this world and the next. Channeling stories through …

Reynaldo Pacheco Actor en Hollywood

Reynaldo Pacheco - A Bolivian Star in Hollywood 
REYNALDO PACHECO is a Bolivian Actor in Hollywood. In his short but fruitful career he has worked with academy award winners such as Christopher Plummer …

Erwin Sanchez 
i think Erwin Sanchez is an awesome athlete.

Estaban DeHaven 
He was a famous crayon artist for 56 years until he died in 1978. 20 Mar 2012

A doctor and addicted to drugs.

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The reality of Che Guevara 
Colleagues, I write to inform you that CHE has appeared in Spirit to deliver PROOFS that this reality is not what many people assume. He spoke of a reference …

Carmen Cespedes de Fajth 
Carmen Cespedes de Fajth, Artista Plastica, graduada de la Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes Hernando Siles de La Paz. Con estudios en la Escuela San Alejandro …

Reynaldo Pacheco. Actor Boliviano. Peliculas - Donde estan los Hombres (Without Men) Gabriela tagliavini, Rudy Reyes, Eva Longoria, Reynaldo Pacheco, Kate …

Justin Beiber! 
Justin Bieber should be on your list of famous people in Bolivia.(Just kidding just wanted to spice it up a bit!) Reply: Sophia, when Justin comes …

Jaime Laredo 
He should be on your list...

Bolivian Artist Vivianne Salinas 
Bolivian artist Vivianne Salinas studied graphic design and advertising at the Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz (UPSA University) of Bolivia. She has …

Bolivian actor REYNALDO PACHECO  
HE IS A BOLIVIAN ACTOR That will appear in two big American movies: Beginners With Ewan Mcgregror and Christopher Plummer as Juan …

Bolivian Actor Reynaldo Pacheco: Rising Hollywood Star 
Works in Progress: In Search of Artistic Freedom by Jim Amadon: Something seemed odd to Reynaldo Pacheco when he was cast in the role of the Piano …

Ali Gorman 
Ali Gorman was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in 1991. She is a professional golfer and has competed in the last 2 Olympic games in South America. She resides …

Reynaldo Pacheco 
HE IS A BOLIVIAN ACTOR That will appear in two big American movies Beginners With Ewan Mcgregror and Christopher Plummer as Juan …

if this is you, plan on attending the newman class of '61 50th reunion sept.9-10-11 2011 !!!!!!!!!

Israel Beltran, a famous artist from Bolivia 
this site gives nothing on him!

Raquel Welch 
Raquel Welch was formerly Jo Raquel Tejada. Her father was a Bolivian born aeronautical engineer who emigrated to the United States at age 17.

Graciela Rodo Boulanger 
Graciela Rodo Aparicio, a Bolivian painter, was born in La Paz in 1935. Her love of art was influenced by her mother, a concert pianist, and her father, …

Graciela Rodo Boulanger 
I love her paintings. Check her out on Wikipedia. She was born in La Paz in 1935.

The Band Oxigeno 
Oxigeno is a band of all brothers and sisters from the same mother. This group is very popular in Santa Cruz. Very fun, energetic band that everyone enjoys …

India Soodan 
India Soodan is a very talented artist who has won very many awards. She inspires everybody to do the best they can in life. People say she is a very nice …

Marco Etcheverry 
Marco Antonio Etcheverry Vargas (born September 26, 1970 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra) is a former Bolivian football (soccer) midfielder, considered as one …

Simon Bolivar 
Simon Bolivar was one of South America's greatest generals. His victories over the Spaniards won independence for Bolivia, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, …

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