Luciana Molina: Bolivian Poet and Creative Writer

by Red
(Austin, Texas, USA)

Luciana N Molina is a revolutionary, Bolivian poet and creative writer slowly walking the line between this world and the next. Channeling stories through broken picture frames which themselves are casualties of contemporary love street fights, Luciana's method is pure and unadulterated. Here on scholarship, Luciana immerses herself in the uniquely Austin counterculture scene. Known for never staying in her cage, the girls on the eastside says she's all the rage. While others might drown their sorrows with whiskey and women, she saturates her soul with the beats from the street, the nectar from the forbidden fruit, and the penetrating rays from the moon. Currently in her RED period, Luciana might not sing the blues like she used to, but her writings burn red with her cries for revolution and independence. Surrounded by local artists Austin Van Gogh, Bebe Diablo, Juan Pablo Picasso, and Loco Abuela, Luciana lives wild and free as she dances with her pen across the pages of tomorrows great stories.

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