The Most Famous Bolivian of all Time.

by Maddie

There is a young, 15 year old girl who is sitting in a classroom right now, looking up facts about Bolivia. One of the questions will be 'Who are some famous people from Bolivia?'. Now, would you want her to put down someone irrelevant like, I don't know, Jorge Ortiz. No, of course not! He's out dated, we need someone new to take the place of the over used actors and actresses. America has Justin Bieber, England has One Direction, and I think it's time for Bolivia to gain their own teen stars.

So why not Selena Ortiz? She is an amazing, talented, and gifted singer that would brighten up Bolivia's news stories. The other day in fact, she saved a kitten from falling out of a tree bu singing it a lullaby to make it fall asleep. Now, I've personally tried to sing a cat to sleep, and it is pretty difficult if I do say so myself. Singing anyone to sleep can be trouble-some. Only someone with true talent can make can make people fall asleep, and not in the boring way. I bet teenage girls and boys from around the world would pay thousands of dollars just to here her sing, nonetheless meet her.

I personally love her and think that she should become the most FAMOUS person of all time.

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Oct 24, 2013
who is she
by: Anonymous

I live in bolivia and I've never heard of her. Are you sure she's bolivian? Or famous? Why don't you provide some information of her, maybe a picture, or a link to any of her videos so the rest of us can find out who she is.

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