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The following are leading banks (bancos) in Bolivia. Use their websites to locate their central bank and branch offices (or use the "Amarillas" (yellow pages) search box below to find a bank.

These banks all have numerous branch offices and ATMs all over Bolivia. It's always good to keep informed about the economy in Bolivia. Banks in Bolivia are closed on all Bolivian public holidays and may also close when there are other festivities. Be sure to visit our detailed Banking in Bolivia home page to learn more about currency exchange houses, credit unions, Bolivian money, money transfer, currency conversion, credit card use, paying your bills at banks in Bolivia, Bolivian bank holidays and banking hours, and more.

National Banks in Bolivia

Banco Bisa
Avenida Monseñor Rivero Esq. Santa Fé
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Phone: (591-3) 336-6600

Banco Unión
Calle Libertad No. 156
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Phone: (591-3) 336-6869

Banco Nacional de Bolivia
Calle René Moreno No- 258
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Phone: (591-3) 336-4777

Banco de Crédito de Bolivia
Calle 24 de Septiembre No. 158
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Phone: (591-3) 336-1099

Banco Ganadero
Calle 24 de Septiembre No. 110
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Phone: (591-3) 336-1616

Banco Económico
Calle Ayachucho No. 116
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Phone: (591-3) 336-1177

Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz
Calle Junin No. 154
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Phone: (591-3) 363-3000

Banco Central de Bolivia
Calle Ayacucho Esquina Mercado
La Paz, Bolivia
Toll Free: 800-10-2030 (in Bolivia)
Phone: (591-3) 240-9090

NOTES: The Banco Nacional de Bolivia has Moneygram money transfer offices in many of its branches, and some banks now also have Western Union offices (you will also find Western Union offices in most DHL international courier branches). Return to our Banking in Bolivia home page to read more about Bolivian money, banks, exchange rates, credit unions, exchange houses, and more. Return to our Travel Planner here.

Find Local Banks in Bolivia

Páginas amarillas - Bolivia

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