Interpreters and Translators in Bolivia

The professional interpreters and translators in Bolivia listed below are among the most highly qualified document translators and conference interpreters available in the country today. All have numerous years of experience, speak two or more languages at "native speaker" level, work full-time and provide document translation and simultaneous interpretation services as a profession. They possess superior language, writing and memory skills and have worked hard over many years to prove themselves and earn the highly valued reputations they now have in their profession.

Charis Barks - English/Spanish/Portuguese

Charis is the owner of VPO Bilingual Services (now established in 1998 as one of the first translation companies in Bolivia. She has worked as a translator and interpreter for over 20 years. A U.S. citizen, she has lived and worked in various countries of Latin America from the age of four. English and Spanish are both native languages. In addition, she speaks Portuguese at an advanced level and German at an intermediate level. Charis provides both document translation and simultaneous conference interpretation, and specializes primarily in the areas of oil and gas, geology and geophysics, HSE, international quality standards, environmental conservation, rights-based aid, transparency issues, and international trade. She has worked as a voice talent for commercials and documentaries. She owns and the destination services company Expat Services. Learn more:

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Sofie van Renterghem - English/Spanish/Dutch

Sofie, also a document translator and conference interpreter, was born in Belgium and speaks Dutch, English and Spanish fluently. She also holds diplomas in French (levels 4 and 6) and Greek (level 1). Sofie provides translations for numerous international institutions, entities and ministries, is a member of the American Translators Association and the Bolivian Association of Interpreters, and is also an officially registered translator for various foreign embassies in Bolivia. Her areas of expertise include international finance and banking, mining, oil and gas, conservation, and development.

Marco Valderrama - English/Spanish

Marco is a Bolivian citizen who is fluent in both English and Spanish. His areas of specialty for both document translation and conference interpretation include oil and gas, geology and geophysics, and development. He has over 15 years of experience as a simultaneous interpreter and nearly 30 as a technical and legal document translator. He lived in the United States for five years and has worked for numerous local and international companies, institutions and Bolivian ministries, is a member of the Bolivian Association of Interpreters, and is a registered translator with the United States Embassy in Bolivia. His main area of expertise is the petroleum industry.

Silvie Sieber - English/Spanish/French/German

Silvie provides document translation and simultaneous interpretation in English, Spanish, French and German. She obtained a Master's Degree in Roman and Germanic letters and has also passed international tests (levels 2 and 3) in Japanese. She is listed as an official translator for various foreign embassies in South America, has done an internship at the European Parliament, translates for numerous international NGOs and governmental institutions, and specializes in international development and finance.

Enrique Miralles - English/Spanish

Enrique is a Bolivian civil engineer with a post-graduate degree in Business Administration who also lived and worked in the United States for several years. He has worked as a simultaneous intepreter and technical translator since 1975 in English and Spanish. He is a member of the Bolivian Association of Interpreters, and is a registered translator with the United States Embassy in Bolivia. Enrique specializes in technical and scientific translations in the areas of petroleum engineering, aviation, agriculture, and production, as well as insurance and legal documentation.

Dianne Berest - English/Spanish

Dianne is American/Panamanian and has over ten years of experience as a translator and interpreter for international companies and non-governmental organizations. Her languages are English (native language) and Spanish (fully fluent). Dianne specializes in business, education and development and her areas of expertise include communication for development, agriculture and animal husbandry, nutrition and food sovereignty, climate change, financial planning, maternal and infant healthcare, personal development, logistics, finance, and market research. She has a B.A. in education and has also worked as a schoolteacher and university professor.

Terry Vojdani - English/Spanish

Terry has over 30 years of experience in the translation and interpretation industry. A U.S. citizen, she lived for over three decades in Colombia, Argentina and Bolivia before moving to Australia in 2007, where she continues to work for Bolivian and international clients. Terry is fully fluent in both English and Spanish. She is a registered translator with the U.S. Embassy in Bolivia, a former member of the Bolivian Association of Interpreters, and is one of the first oral examiners for University of Cambridge advanced English certificates in Bolivia. Terry's experience is extensive and involves work in the areas of oil and gas, environment, health, education, accounting, banking, corporate and legal documentation for non-governmental organizations, international companies, government institutions, and international banking entities. Learn more:

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Alexey Chernyshev - English/Spanish/Russian

Alexey is from Moscow. He lives and works as a translator and interpreter in both Bolivia and Russia. He is fully fluent in English, Spanish and Russian, and is also a political science researcher. He has interpreted for the oil and gas industry, and construction industry and translates legal and technical documents. He specializes in sustainable development and international relations. Alexey has a post-graduate degree in political institutes, processes and technologies, and an undergraduate degree in linguistics and intercultural communication. He is also the editor of a Russian magazine on political and social problems in Latin America.

Ingrid Rossell - English/Spanish/Swedish

Ingrid, a Bolivian citizen, speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish. She lived and worked in Brazil for seven years, in the US for two years, and in Sweden for four years. She has extensive experience working as a top level executive assistant for international general management, including event planning, project management, travel, multi-lingual translation, and as a company spokesperson. Ingrid's primary experience as a document translator is with marketing materials, business documentation, books & novels, technical manuals, audio transcriptions, video subtitling, websites, software translations and technical publications. She has also worked as a private English and Spanish teacher.

Margaret Anderson - English/Spanish

Margaret, a UK citizen, is an official translator for Centro Boliviano Americano and a member of the Bolivian Association of Interpreters. She has extensive professional experience working for a variety of non-governmental organizations and aid agencies, as well as numerous companies, mostly in the areas of energy generation and distribution, environmental issues, international cooperation and development aid, and projects involving at-risk women and children. She has done consultancy studies in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia for various governments. She possesses an MPhil in Human Geography as well as an Honors BSc in Pharmacy, both obtained in the UK. She has done nearly 600 hours of simultaneous interpretation and many more as a consecutive interpreter.

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