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The Bolivia translators and interpreters who are members of are among the most highly qualified document translators and conference interpreters available in the country today. All have numerous years of experience, speak two or more languages at "native speaker" level, work full-time and provide document translation and simultaneous interpretation services as a profession. They possess superior language, writing and memory skills and have worked hard over many years to earn the highly valued reputations they now have in their profession. Each is an independent, freelance translator or interpreter. All have both national and international experience and are often available to travel to provide conference interpretation. is not a translation agency. This website was founded by Charis Irena Barks, a long-time translator and conference interpreter, to provide a way to match companies overseas with professional freelance translators and interpreters in Bolivia, and conversely, for Bolivia-based translators and interpreters to more effectively market their skills and services worldwide.

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