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Terry Vojdani -

The following is a partial list of some of the events and conferences at which Terry has provided simultaneous interpretation or consecutive interpretation services, a partial client list and excerpts from letters of reference.

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Membership and Appointments

Former member of the Bolivian Association of Interpreters

Former member of the Board of Directors of the Bolivian Association of Interpreters

Co-founder of EDEFA, an association for family education and development

Former member of EDEFA’s Board of Directors

One of the first Oral Examiners appointed by the University of Cambridge for its First Certificate in English and Advanced Certificate in English examinations in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Former U.S. Consular Agency in Santa Cruz, Bolivia registered translator/interpreter

Former U.S. Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia registered translator/interpreter

Letter of Reference

Letter of Reference from Charis Barks
Spanish - English Translator and Interpreter
VPO Servicios Bilingües in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Terry Vojdani, an American-born (native English-speaking) Spanish and English translator and interpreter, lived and worked in Bolivia for many years prior to moving to Australia in 2004, where she continues to provide these services. Her customers in Bolivia "know a good thing" and continue to send her their documents even though she no longer lives here and are willing to work around time zone differences in order to give her preference over local translators. That says a lot about who she is, how she works, and the confidence her work inspires.

I was privileged to work with Terry on many translations and consider her the best translator I have met to date. Her translations are very nearly perfect in both languages and require very little revision. Work is always turned in on time. When we work together on translation projects she always dedicates to my customers the same attention, effort and consideration she gives to her own; therefore, they are happy to work with either of us in the absence of one.

Now, even though we live thousands of miles apart, we continue to work and collaborate on translation projects, vocabulary and other general translation issues. The subject lines of our emails frequently read "Pick your brain?" as we help each other out with grammar or vocabulary. I am happy to serve as a reference for Terry. I have complete confidence in her abilities and I truly respect her professionalism.

When I work with Terry I invariably learn something new.
Charis Barks - VPO Bilingual Services

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