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ESPAÑOL There are literally thousands of restaurants in Bolivia and we can't eat that much all by ourselves! So we need you to help us build this page on Bolivian restaurants. If you know of a restaurant that hasn't been included, or if one of the restaurants we've listed has closed, tell us about it. If you have a favorite restaurant, or want to warn us about one that is awful, add your comments to our Bolivian Restaurant Review, where you can recommend, rate and critique restaurants in Bolivia.

Bolivian Restaurants and Restaurant Review

Places to Eat in Santa Cruz Bolivia

Bagels (Bagels)
Buffalo Wings (Alitas de Pollo)
Indian Food (India)

Outdoor restaurants (restaurantes campestres)
Fast food (comida rápida)
Pizza (pizzerías)
Salteñas (salteñerías)
Vegetarian food (comida vegetariana)
Brazilian food (comida brasilera)
Italian food (comida italiana)
Mexican food (comida mejicana)
Chinese food (comida china)
Japanese food (comida japonesa)
International food (comida continental)
Seafood (mariscos)
Steakhouses (churrasquerías, parrilladas)
Bakeries (pastelerías, reposterías, panaderías, salones de té)
Cafés (cafés)
Bars (bares)
Ice cream parlors (heladerías)

Places to Eat in Other Regions

Places to Eat in Tarija
Places to Eat in the Jesuit Missions
Places to Eat in Sucre

Bolivian Food   Bolivian Recipes   Bolivia Facts   Bolivia for Kids

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