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Vegan and vegetarian restaurants can be hard to find in Bolivia, but the situation is improving. Bolivians just love their steak. But, and this may seem like an odd recommendation, some of the best places for vegetarians to eat are Bolivia's outdoor restaurants and steak houses as they offer a buffet style meals with a wide variety of vegetables, salads and sides.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Bolivia

Vegetarian restaurants come and go in Bolivia. Many of them don't stay open for very long. It's unfortunate, but that is common among all types of restaurants in this country. The good news is that in the past few years vegans and vegetarians, who have oft had a hard time finding places to eat good food in Bolivia, have taken steps to organize themselves and have started numerous public pages and groups on Facebook where they share with each other information on where to find vegetarian restaurants or restaurants that serve vegan-friendly foods.

They also share restaurant reviews and notify each other when a new restaurant has opened, or when one has closed. It is truly worth taking the time to connect or at least scroll through their posts on FB as you plan your trip to Bolivia. It's apparent that some groups don't know about each other, and therefore there are a number of groups doing the same thing. We'll list some of these groups below. Some are large with several thousand members and others are quite small.

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