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There used to be several good Brazilian restaurants in Santa Cruz but today there are only two that I can really recommend. You pay per kilo (2.2 pounds is one kilo). Basically it’s cafeteria style and you serve yourself as much as you want. They then weigh what you’ve purchased and charge you per weight (including the plate, by the way). You can purchase to-go or to eat in. They’ve got lots of veggies and salads and are a good option for vegetarians as well. If you know of any others you can add them through our Santa Cruz Restaurant Review.

Brazilian Restaurants in Bolivia

Calle Murillo #40
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Tel: (591) 708-06010

Libertad #358, between Seonae and Buenos Aires
Tel: (591-2) 333-1237
(Open Tuesday to Sunday)
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Restaurants | Food Home Page | Bolivia for Kids | Español

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