Should I move to Bolivia?

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Expat Services provides relocation and destination services in Bolivia

"Should I move to Bolivia?" If you've arrived at this page on our website, chances are you're asking yourself this question. You're trying to decide whether to move to Bolivia because you're looking for a suitable place to retire, or you're planning to start a business or work in Bolivia, or you just love Bolivian culture, or volunteering or studying in Bolivia are the reason you're researching what it takes to live in Bolivia.

Whether you are planning to move to Bolivia for a limited period of time, or believe Bolivia may be your true forever home, you most likely have a long list of unanswered questions about Bolivia. You're looking for answers about residency in Bolivia, visa requirements, customs and immigration. You're wondering if you will be able to find a house to rent or property to buy, what the laws are, whether Bolivia has good schools and medical facilities, or whether you'll adapt, make friends, be able to learn Spanish. Maybe you wonder if you'll be able to find a job or start your own business, or you'd like to know more about the Bolivian economy, the cost of living, or the current political climate and living conditions in Bolivia.

Don't feel overwhelmed. Living overseas, away from everything you are familiar with, isn't easy. It takes time to adapt. But the initial decision to live abroad is the most difficult, isn't it? I know. I've lived and worked in several different countries including Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico and others, and I've lived in nine U.S. states. I've moved over two dozen times in just over 40 years of life. I know all about the apprehensions, concerns, doubts, and worries the "great unknown" can cause. That's why I created and design for you and it's why I also established a destination services company called Bolivia Expat Services to assist expatriates who've made the move to Bolivia and help them adjust to a new life in Bolivia.

But what if you're still researching and not sure yet that moving to Bolivia is right for you?

Expat Services provides relocation and destination services in Bolivia

I understand how frustrating it can be to look for answers in books and travel guides or spend weeks and months browsing through websites. Even with its thousands of pages of information, can't replace the comfort of speaking with a real person who actually lives and works in Bolivia. Since 2007, when I began to build this website for you, I've fielded hundreds of questions and helped dozens of expat individuals and families sort through the available information and determine whether a move to Bolivia is the right match for them.

The BoliviaBella Question and Answer Service

Because we receive hundreds of questions in our public online forums, through our social media channels, and by email each month, we can't assist everyone personally. But we'd love to. That's why I've created a Question and Answer Service just for those of you who haven't decided yet and are still researching. We charge a small (so small it's worth it!) fee for this service, which enables us to give you our personal, undivided attention, and give your questions preference and priority. Nothing is more calming than to be in contact with someone who has already made the move to Bolivia. Since 1997 I've lived in Santa Cruz, but I spent my childhood, since 1976, growing up in La Paz! If you'd like some personal guidance about living and working in Bolivia, contact me using the secure contact form below and I'll explain to you how we can spend some time together answering your concerns. I will also put you in contact with other expats in Bolivia so that you can get more than one point of view.

Expat Services   Expat Forum   Live in Bolivia   Plan Your Trip

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