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Expat Services - Residency Application for Bolivia

Applying for residency in Bolivia can be complicated and is very time consuming. Prior to filling out an application for residency at the Bolivian immigration office, you’ll be required to visit additional institutions to fulfill numerous pre-requisites. Each of these institutions has requirements and costs of their own as well. Expat Services can connect you with a bilingual lawyer who will assist you with this entire process, greatly reducing time, stress and confusion. Rebeca Gonzales is the bilingual lawyer who will assist you with your residency application in Santa Cruz.

How we’ll help you apply for residency:

The lawyer we connect you with will do all the footwork possible for you and will request you accompany her only when you must sign something or when an institution requires your presence. In addition, she will act as your translator, accompany you when you do have to be present, explain all requirements to you, help you understand and fill in all documentation, visit all institutions involved on your behalf, remain in communication with them until your documents are ready, and deliver them to immigration.

Other institutions are involved in your residency application and each will require a payment. The pre-requisites include photos, a national criminal background check at the police station, a confirmation of domicile at the police station, an international criminal background check at Interpol, opening a bank account, an AIDS test at the center for tropical diseases, a medical certificate, the actual residency application at Immigration, and others depending on the type and length of residency you are requesting.

Please contact us for a price quote. It's very important you arrive on the correct travel visa. Please note that once your residency has been approved and your passports have been returned to you, you will be required to process a Bolivian Identification Card within ten days. Most expats choose to acquire their ID card on their own, however we can help you do so if you wish.

You must enter Bolivia on a Specific Purpose Visa if you will apply for residency. Depending on your country of origin, you may need a visa to enter Bolivia. U.S. citizens DO need a visa to enter. If you plan to apply for residency you must not travel on a tourist visa. You will need to enter Bolivia on a Specific Purpose Visa (visa de objeto determinado). The Bolivian Consulate nearest you or VisaHQ.com can help you process your travel visa. Join our Bolivia visa forum if you have questions.

If you are renewing, or applying for residency of more than 1 year please contact us so we can discuss your unique situation and provide you further details. If you’d like more information, please contact me and let me know how my team and I can help make living in Bolivia an unforgettable experience for you!

If you plan to work or start a business in Bolivia you also need to process a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and we can assist you with this, although we cannot quote a price until we know which country you are from because costs vary per the agreements Bolivia has with other countries. In general, it is based on reciprocity.

Would you prefer just a little guidance?

If you are considering processing your residency yourself, we can set up a 1-hour orientation appointment to answer questions in person and explain the process to you, at a cost of $30 dollars. If you choose, after your initial consult, to process your visa on your own, you pay only $30 for the 1-hour orientation you received. If, after this initial consult, you choose to hire us to process your residency, we will waive the initial $30 consult fee, as it is included in the fee we normally charge for residency procedures.

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