Bolivian Money and Currency

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Bolivian currency has undergone so many changes, it's hard to know how long the images on this page will be valid. OK, let's not be pessimistic. These bills and coins have been in circulation for nearly 20 years now so maybe they're here to stay.

You can read more about the uses of Bolivian currency here. Once you've done that you can move on to our pages on the economy in Bolivia, or banking in Bolivia, or Bolivia money exchange. This page will contain only pictures of our money.

Bolivia has bills in denominations of 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 bolivianos. There are also coins. The coin with the gold center and silver outer rim is worth Bs. 5 and it replaced our 5 boliviano bill (which was blue) years ago. There are also coins worth 1 and 2 bolivianos as well as coins worth 10, 20, and 50 centavos (cents of a boliviano).

You lose a little value when you buy dollars but you get more if you are selling your dollars. That's because the dollar is a stronger currency so you have to pay more to get it. The boliviano is weaker so you get less for it. Make sense? Normally the Bolivian exchange rate (the value of Bolivia currency) fluctuates up and down daily depending on the value of the dollar.

Something else that's new as of 2010: new Bolivian money. The Bolivian government has changed the name of the Republic of Bolivia to "Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia" (Plurinational State of Bolivia) and recent printed new paper money and minted new coins. You can still use the old coins and bills that say "República de Bolivia" on them. The paper bills will be phased out gradually as they get old and tattered.

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Bolivian Money: Bolivia Coins

Bolivian coins

Bolivian Money: Bolivia Bills

Bolivianos 10 - front side

Bolivianos 10 - back side

Bolivianos 20 - front side

Bolivianos 20 - back side

Bolivianos 50 - front side

Bolivianos 50 - back side

Bolivianos 100 - front side

Bolivianos 100 - back side

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