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The Bolivian exchange rate is tied to the value of the Dollar. To curtail currency exchange fluctuations that made it difficult to calculate and exchange Bolivian Money, the Bolivian government has taken steps to slow inflation and increases in the value of the dollar. In fact, as Dollar value increases in other countries, it's value is slowly decreasing against the Bolivian currency, as the government maintains it artificially low.

The economy in Bolivia is not always stable as it depends on political and social stability as well. Therefore, the value of Bolivia currency, the “boliviano” (BOB), increases and decreases as the U.S. Dollar and the Euro fluctuate in value.

This means that the Bolivian exchange rate changes from day to day and must be published on the covers of Bolivian newspapers so the population can know how much their money is worth from one day to the next. The economy suffers as a result of its strong dependence upon the value of the Dollar, and the currencies of other countries Bolivia trades with.

This means general statistical calculations regarding the economy of Bolivia, such as inflation rates, the real costs of goods and services, economic growth rates, indexes and other economic factors differ depending on the variables different organizations use to research, calculate and publish information about the Bolivian economy.

For the general population, however, it makes calculating prices a lot easier, even if they don’t really understand the ramifications this has on the true value of their money. Read more about the economy in Bolivia here, where you’ll find a brief history, information on projections, and a list of online resources you can use to find more official information on Bolivian money, currency and economic issues. For more specific statistics, such as information on the country's population, main exports, trade rules, and natural resources, visit our Bolivian Economic Statistics page.

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