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We thought it would be interesting to add Bolivia Trivia to complement the thousands of other strange, curious and unusual Facts about Bolivia you can find on our website. There are many stereotypes and misconceptions about Bolivia and many jaw-dropping items of interest. Did you know, for example, that there is a huge flock of pink flamingos 15,000 feet above sea level? Or that there is such a thing as a pink dolphin and it swims in the Amazon? OK, not everything is going to be about pink stuff...

This Bolivia trivia section covers interesting, unusual fun facts about Bolivia. You can play Bolivia Trivia with us by using this form. Enter something you think very few people know about Bolivia. You can phrase your title in the form of a question if you want to tickle people's curiosity a little! Be sure to read the fun stuff others are adding below!

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What makes Bolivian lemonade so green and delicious? 
Someone asked in our forums today what makes Bolivian lemonade so different and delicious? They mentioned Bolivian lemonade has a greenish tint and has …

America's Most Famous Teacher was Bolivian 
Jaime Escalante Gutiérrez was born in 1930 in La Paz, Bolivia. The child of two schoolteachers, Escalante emigrated to the United States where, due to …

How many times has Bolivia changed currencies? 
Bolivia has changed the name and look of its currency several times. Does anyone know exactly how many times has Bolivia changed it currency? And what …

What does "plurinational" mean? 
I can't find the word "plurinational" in any dictionary.

The Lost Altiplano Zoo 
Hi Bella, thoroughly enjoyed the wildlife section of your site, very interesting. I am writing to you regarding our new wildlife factfile site …

Facts about the Amazon Rainforest 
The Amazon rainforest produces more than 20% the world's oxygen supply. The Amazon River pushes so much water into the Atlantic Ocean that, more than …

Taboos of Bolivia? 
Hello, I'm curious to know what some of the taboos are in Bolivia. I am a strong believer that if I study the taboos of a country I tend to learn more …

bolivia has three official languages 
In the United States learning other languages is optional but officially, there is only one language even though the country is made up of immigrants from …

What are Bolivia's two capitals? Sucre and La Paz

The Puya Raimondii of Bolivia is the Largest Flower on Earth 
The Puya raimondii , also known as the "Queen of the Andes", is the largest flower in the world. It blooms only once every 100 years! It looks like an …

Puya Raimondii - la flor mas grande del mundo! 
La Puya paimondii , también conocida como la "Reina de los Andes" es la flor mas grande del mundo. Florece solo cada cien años. Se parece a una palmera …

Why should Brazil nuts actually be called Bolivia nuts? 
Thought we'd share some rather strange trivia about the Brazil nut. To begin with, it isn't actually a nut. It is the seed of a tree, native to South …

13 Pieces of Bolivia Trivia for Friday the 13th 
Bolivians are not superstitious about Friday the 13th. It is not an unlucky date, and no one spends the day waiting for something bad to happen. In fact, …

Bolivia produces 70% of the world's Brazil nuts 
Bolivia produces 70% of the world's Brazil nuts.

Did you know Bolivia has two national flowers? 
Bolivia has two official national flowers, one representing Western Bolivia, and one representing the East. There's actually a law that indicates just …

Does your city have it's own floral emblem? 
Countries often have national flowers and many states have state flowers, but Santa Cruz de la Sierra now has it's own "city flower". In 2010 the Municipal …

There are 444 people named "Bolivia" in the USA 
According to one website on weird statistics, there are about 444 people in the USA whose actually name is Bolivia and about 4 newborns are named "Bolivia" …

How many years is a presidential term in Bolivia? 
In many countries presidential terms last four years but in Bolivia presidents and vice presidents are elected for five years at a time. In addition, presidents …

Did you know that Bolivia has TWO voting ages? 
In Bolivia, sufferage (the right to vote) is universal. That means both men and women have the same voting rights. In many countries voting rights depend …

What's the fastest growing city in South America? 
You might be surprised to find that the fastest growing city in South America is also the 14th fastest growing city in the world ! Click here to find …

Who are some famous people from Bolivia? 
Click here to learn about dozens of famous people from Bolivia . You'll find famous Bolivian artists, musicians, politicians, teachers, athletes, and …

What's the secret to haggling prices in Bolivia? 
When is it and when isn't it appropriate to bargain or haggle on prices in Bolivia? Check out this page on bartering in Bolivia . Not only will you find …

Why don't Bolivians open the presents people give them? 
You'll see why on this page about Bolivian social etiquette .

Why are Bolivians always late for dinner? 
Read about this and other customs on this page on Bolivian dining etiquette and click here if you want to know more about additional Bolivian food customs …

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What do lentils and red underpants have to do with New Year's Eve? 
Read about some of our eccentric New Year's rituals . Some of them are pretty funny!

What do baby Jesus and mothers-in-law have in common? 
Click here to find out. You'll be surprised at some of our Christmas traditions .

Why do almost all the houses in Bolivia have walls around them? 
Check out this interesting housing trivia section and find out what some Bolivian houses look like. Oh! And if you're in the market to buy or rent …

Which woman was Bolivia's president way back in the 1970's? 
To find out, read this interesting political trivia section and learn about some election-time traditions too.

Why is it OK to eat at business meetings in Bolivia? 
For the answer and a long list of other customs visit this page on Bolivian business etiquette .

The charango 
The charango has ten strings. Or at least, the one I have does. I just recently got it, and am definitely not an expert. It is possible that I bought …

how to celebrate in bolivia 
what is bolivias beliefs what is bolivias traditions

The tarope plant grows incredibly quickly in water (usually rivers, swamps and lakes) and needs absolutely no soil to take root and expand. It can clog …

bolivia official languages now at least a dozen 
Did you know that Bolivia now has at least a dozen official languages? The new Bolivian constitution, promoted by President Evo Morales, was approved …

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