Festivales de Temporada

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"Festivales de Temporada" means "Seasonal Festivals" and these are held twice a year in the Department of Santa Cruz (Eastern Bolivia) in the Jesuit Mission towns of the Chiquitania region. They consist of numerous baroque choir and orchestra concerts as well as several theater presentations that take place simultaneously in the heart of Bolivia's mystical, tropical region.


The Festivales de Temporada take place in the city of Santa Cruz as well as various towns, such as Pailón, San Ramón, San Javier, Concepción, San Ignacio de Velasco, Santa Ana, San Miguel, San Rafael, and San José de Chiquitos, a truly awe-inspiring organizational challenge capably undertaken by Centro para la Participación y el Desarrollo Humano Sostenible (CEPAD) and APAC.

Unless you've already planned months in advance to attend the International Baroque and Renaissance Music Festival which takes place in Bolivia once every two years on even years (and in which choirs and musicians from all over the world participate), this is your chance to visit Bolivia's famed Jesuit mission villages and experience their 500-hundred year old musical and cultural heritage first hand over a 4-day weekend.

The Jesuit Missions are architecturally and historically rich towns, not tourist attractions in the common sense of the word. Here in many ways people continue to live much as they did centuries ago. Life is slow and peaceful and the towns are located in some of Bolivia's most beautiful surroundings. Read about life in the Jesuit Missions. Let the warm tropical breeze lull you with the sweet notes of ancient violins under a starry sky. APAC also organizes a yearly Theater Festival called the Festival de Teatro.

Jesuit Missions Home Page | Tourism | Santa Cruz | Plan Your Trip

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