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The following is a map of Bolivia train routes. Click on the map to open a larger version. Bolivia has two railway systems which are not connected. The Western train routes lead to Chile and Argentina. The Eastern train routes lead to Brazil and Argentina. Passenger trains in Bolivia are comfortable and a fun experience. They have dining options, heating or air conditioning, reclining seats, music, television and more. When planning your trip, don't underestimate the great distances between Bolivian cities.

Western Bolivia Train Routes

1. The Expreso del Sur train runs between Oruro and Villazon with brief stops in Uyuni, Atocha and Tupiza.

2. The Wara Wara del Sur train route runs between Oruro and Villazon as well, stopping at every train station in between.

3. The Tren Turístico takes you from El Alto to Guaqui, a small port on Lake Titicaca, with a 1.5 hour stop in Tiwanaku.

4. The Bus-Carril (bus-train) from Cochabamba to Aiquile train route makes stops in Tarata, Cliza, San Francisco, Anzaldo, Sacabamba, La Cumbre, Sivingani, Vila Vila, Pajcha, Chaguarani, Tin Tin, Mizque, Aguada, Rumi Cancha and other small towns.

5. The Bus-Carril (bus-train) from Sucre to Potosi train route is no longer running due to landslides damaging the track. It is the train that formerly made stops in Yotala, Ñucchu, Carvajal, Higueras, Vila Vila, Noel Mariaca, La Cumbre, Quivi Quivi, Betanzos, Don Diego and other small towns. Be advised.

Railway Map and Train Routes in Bolivia


━━━ Routes with passenger traffic

━━━ Routes in usable state

·········· Unusable or dismantled routes

Eastern Bolivia Train Routes

1. The Expreso Oriental runs between Santa Cruz and Quijarro, on the border with Brazil, making stops in San José de Chiquitos, Roboré, Rivero Torrez, and Quijarro.

2. The Ferrobus runs the same route as the Expreso, but makes stops in additional small towns, and thus takes longer to reach its destination.

3. The Tren Mixto runs between Charagua and Yacuiba, on the border of Argentina, and makes additional stops in, Boyuibe and Villamontes.

Proposed Transoceanic Railways

Proposed Peru-Bolivia-Brazil Bioceanic Railway Corridor

Proposed routes of the Peru-Bolivia-Brazil Bioceanic Railway Lines that will connect and run through all 3 countries. This proposed project is also known as the Bioceanic or Transoceanic Corridor, with Bolivia benefitting because it will function as a trade corridor between Peru and Brazil.

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