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This is my collection of rainforest wildlife pictures. My mom took all these photographs of Bolivian birds and animals and we've added some words so you can learn a little about each one. You'll see their names at the top and some interesting information below each photo.

We'll be adding more when we get the chance to take more pictures.

My mom says you're welcome to use these for your class project - you don't even have to ask her permission, as long as you credit BoliviaBella.com as your source (that means she owns the pictures but she's letting you use them).

You can also see more pictures of amazing Bolivian animals in our Bolivian wildlife photo gallery and in my really cool rainforest videos collection where you'll learn all about why the rainforest is important, how it's being destroyed, and why we all have to make sure it is saved. We've also got a page on interesting facts and trivia about wildlife in Bolivia and a photo gallery with lots of beautiful pictures of Bolivian flowers and plants. After all "wildlife" means animals AND plants! Check out my page on the Santa Cruz Zoo where you'll see even more Bolivian birds, animals and reptiles that have been rescued from people who thought they could handle having a wild animal as a pet. They didn't know some wild animals live as long as humans (like eagles, macaws and monkeys).

If you ever have trouble understanding any of the things you read in this rainforest section just go to my rainforest vocabulary list. I want all my friends to really understand how important the rainforest and rainforest wildlife are to all of us. Everyone on Earth depends on the oxygen the Amazon rainforest makes for us. That's why I keep saying WE ALL LIVE IN THE RAINFOREST!!! And we are all responsible for it (that means we are all in charge of taking care of it, not just the people who live near it).

These are some of my favorite creatures

bolivia rainforest bolivian wildlife iguana

bolivia rainforest bolivian wildlife jabiru

bolivia rainforest bolivian wildlife jaguar

bolivia rainforest bolivian wildlife macaw

bolivia rainforest bolivian wildlife butterfly

bolivia rainforest bolivian wildlife toucan

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