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Rainforest Wildlife | Facts About Bolivia | Bolivia for Kids

We have thousands of pictures of Bolivian fauna and flora all over this website so I wanted to point you to some of the pages where you can see photos of exotic animals. Visit my page on the Santa Cruz Zoo which is one of the largest in South America, and experience the excitement of seeing rare and endangered plant and animal species. Here's some interesting Bolivian wildlife trivia about some of the animals that can be seen at our famous zoo.

Check out my page on one of the world's largest wetland regions, the Bolivian Pantanal and for more information read about what is being done in Bolivia's national parks like the very famous Noel Kempff Mercado National Park and Amboró National Park which together, are home to thousands of plant and animal species. You'll be able to read about what other organizations are doing to rescue wildlife in Bolivia, life WWF Bolivia. They contributed pages and pictures of 7 endangered species from Bolivia.

Bolivian wildlife - Flora and fauna

You can even volunteer at an animal refuge in Bolivia and get involved and help save these beautiful Bolivian ecosystems! Eastern Bolivia contains one of the most biodiverse regions in the world with thousands of wildlife species.

Scientists and conservationists are working really hard to ensure the preservation of many endangered and fragile animal and plant species, habitats and ecosystems here. Bolivian photographers are also helping spread the word, and so are we! Please do your part wherever you live.

Rainforest Wildlife | Facts About Bolivia | Bolivia for Kids

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