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Laundry: Wash Clothes in Bolivia

"Where can I do my laundry while I'm traveling?" is a question we get a lot from tourists. If you aren't staying at an upscale hotel, you might be wondering. In Bolivia, laundromats are called lavanderías and dry cleaners are called tintorerías. Some people call dry cleaners lavaseco. There are just a few laundromats in larger cities where you can take your clothing to be washed. Most are not coin operated machines, however. You have to leave your clothing and you pay per load. When you return, your laundry has been washed, dried and folded neatly. At some, you can also stay and do your laundry yourself.

Normally the laundromats will charge per load. You'll pay per wash and per dry. Prices vary, but are generally equivalent to about $2 US dollars per wash, and $2 US dollars per dry. Most will fold your laundry and place it neatly into large plastic bags, but won't iron it. Bolivians don't use laundromats very much. It is still common for households to have maids or laundry ladies who come to do the laundry by hand. Many Bolivians believe that washing machines don't clean your clothes as well as hand-washing. However, machine washing is becoming more common over time.

Dry cleaners, on the other hand, are all over the place. Bolivian society is still quite formal in many ways, especially in terms of what you wear when you go out. So dry cleaners are often packed with formal gowns and suits, but they also provide other services such as rug cleaning, pillow cleaning, hat cleaning, and some will even re-dye faded jeans.

Laundry service is offered at all upscale hotels. If you are staying at a small hotel or hostel, before you spend at a laundromat ask if they offer laundry service. Many, if not most, have agreements with laundry ladies who will wash your clothing by hand and air dry them. Unlike laundromats, it usually also includes ironing. The price is usually per kilo or per piece. The following are some laundromats in Bolivian cities:

Laundry Service in Bolivia

Av. Piraí corner of Mocapini
Very near the SLAN supermarket
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Phone: 333-3090
Hours: Mon - Sat 8:00 to 12:30 a.m. and 2:30 to 7:30 p.m.

3er. Anillo Interno
(Diagonal from the UTEPSA University next to Salteñas Potosinas)
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Phone: 330-3076
Hours: Mon to Sat 8:00 to 12:30 a.m. and 2:30 to 7:30 p.m.

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