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This information on Jesuit Missions Hotels is the most complete you'll find! I went straight to the source to get it! (Scroll down to skip this introduction and go straight to the listing of hotels and accomodations in the Jesuit Missions and Chiquitania region).

The "circuit" (as the Jesuit Missions tours tend to be called) covers 7 of the many mission towns in the Chiquitos region of Bolivia where the Jesuit Order established churches centuries ago just after the discovery of the Americas: San Javier, Concepción, San Ignacio, San Miguel, Santa Ana, San Rafael and San José de Chiquitos. Many others were established in other areas of Bolivia, and throughout South America.

Most tours of the Jesuit Missions and/or Chiquitania region of Santa Cruz center around important festivities such as the

International Baroque Music Festival that takes place every two years. You can read more about the history of the Jesuit Missions and life in the Jesuit Missions to see why baroque music had such a pervasive influence on the Jesuit Missions towns. You can also visit my

Jesuit Missions photo gallery to see some of my own photos and others that foreign and Bolivian photographer friends of mine have added.

The Chiquitos region of Bolivia is very remote and often difficult to access. In order to provide you THE ABSOLUTE BEST information on Jesuit Missions hotels, lodging and accommodations along the entire Jesuit Missions circuit, I visited the Association of Chiquitano Peoples. All the towns in the Chiquitano region are grouped under one umbrella organization that works very, very hard to promote tourism in the region. So I met with the Director, Adrian Leaños Kruzfeldt and we talked for hours about how and the The Mancomunidad Chiquitana can work together to promote responsible tourism in this area. Enjoy!

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