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No Houses on our House Hunter Tour!

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Finding houses and apartments to rent in Bolivia can be an exhausting task. How can you know where to begin if you’re new to a city? Our House Hunter Tour is a super informative, 3-4 hour neighborhood tour. We will not be showing you specific houses. This tour is designed to familiarize you with the city and the primary features of specific neighborhoods. We’ll take 1-3 adults on a tour of the city’s best neighborhoods, and tailor our tour to the areas we know will fit your budget. Our House Hunter Tour is a great value. You’ll cut down on lots of wasted time when you begin your actual search for apartments or houses to rent or buy because you'll have a clear idea of the areas in which you might want to live. No way should you rent a house or apartment without doing this first! Read about the experiences I had house hunting (I viewed 50 homes in a month - it was crazy!) and you’ll see exactly what inspired me to design this tour just for expats. Take the house hunting tour and we’ll make it way more fun than I had!

This is our House Hunter tour:

During this 3 to 4-hour tour of a city’s neighborhoods you can actually see some of the areas where you might like to begin house hunting. Our House Hunter’s Tour is designed to help you get a good idea of what some of the city’s neighborhoods look like, where they are located, and what is available in each (shopping, restaurants, grocery stores and markets, schools, etc.)

We won’t actually be showing you any specific houses during this tour. The idea is to give you a chance to see some of the neighborhoods where you might consider beginning your search for a home. We’ll describe them, tell you a little about their history, and give you a general idea on pricing and what’s available in each area.

We’ll provide maps, notebooks and pens so you can take notes on everything you see. And you’ll want to bring your camera!

We’ll be taking a break about mid-morning for a snack and a cool drink. Maybe we’ll introduce you to Bolivia’s world famous salteñas.

We'll conclude the tour in no more than 3-4 hours and only after we've done our best to answer all the questions you might have about each neighborhood we visited.

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