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Now you can get your news about Bolivia by watching Bolivian television stations online. Some Bolivian television channels use Ustream or Livestream and other ways to offer their programming live online. Below, you'll find some of the major nationally viewed television stations in Bolivia. If you are moving to Bolivia and want to find out how to install CABLE TV at home, click here for cable companies.

Unitel | Bolivisión | Red PAT | Megavisión | ATB | Red UNO

There are also several websites that feature web players for Bolivian TV channels where you can watch both live-streamed and archived Bolivian TV shows, news, movies, sports, etc. Some have fairly slow load times and some work better than others, but if you're overseas and missing Bolivia, it's nice to know you can still connect and stay current on the local scene. |

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Bolivia News   Newspapers   TV   Cable TV   Noticias