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This is our Bolivian Food and Recipes home page. Use the links below to explore traditional Bolivian foods and recipes. You'll also find pictures. You can shop for ingredients for our easy Bolivian recipes online, find grocery stores and markets in Bolivia, or add Bolivian recipes and food questions in our Bolivian food forum. You'll find recipes in English and in Spanish as well as specific topics about Bolivian food and culture.

Bolivian Food and Recipes

Find Bolivian Food and Recipes

Bolivian Recipes Home Page

Recipes Home Page
On our Bolivian recipes page you'll find links to sections on various types of Bolivian foods such as desserts, snacks, beverages, and more. Each section has a listing of related recipes.

Bolivian Food Forum

Bolivian Food Forum
This is where you ask any questions you want about Bolivian food. You can also share your favorite Bolivian recipes here or see the recipes other website visitors have shared.

Bolivian Restaurants Home Page

Bolivian Restaurants
Find where to eat (or not) in our Bolivian restaurants section. Restaurants are listed by type of food. Restaurants come and go in Bolivia, as they do anywhere, and we work arduously to add to this list and update it.

Bolivian Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Review
You can help us grow this section! See reviews of Bolivian restaurants posted by other visitors, or write your own! In the interest of providing only first-hand information, let us know if you've heard of a new restaurant the rest of us should know about, or if a certain establishment has closed.

Bolivian Recipes by Chef Trent

Bolivian Recipes by Chef Trent
Chef Trent contributes his favorite Bolivian recipes, personal Bolivian restaurant reviews, and food commentary on this page. A Texan, Chef Trent owns the La Posada del Sol boutique hotel and the La Luna Verde Resto Bar in Samaipata Bolivia.

Bolivian Recipes by Chef Noly

Bolivian Recipes by Chef Noly
Chef Noly of Noly's World Cuisine contributed to our website on Wednesdays between 2010-2012, posting her favorite Bolivian recipes, Bolivian ingredients, and Bolivian culture tips! Chef Noly makes Bolivian salteñas to order in Chicago. If you don't know what a salteña is, you've come to the right place.

Ingredients for Bolivian Food and Recipes

Shop for Ingredients
We've set up an Bolivian grocery store right here on our site. It features many of the ingredients you'll need to make the Bolivian recipes you'll find here. Sometimes we suggest alternatives that can substitute hard-to-find Bolivian ingredients.

Deliciosas Recetas Bolivianas

Recetas Bolivianas en Español
This is where Spanish-speakers have shared their favorite Bolivian recipes. If you don't speak Spanish, you can easily translate these recipes. Simply copy and paste the text into and you'll be on your way to cooking Bolivian cuisine.

Bolivian Food Customs and Dining Etiquette

Bolivian Food Customs
Learn about the traditional Bolivian mealtime customs, like why Bolivians prefer to do business over a meal, how our neighboring countries have influenced our food, why lunch is the largest meal of the day, plus interesting tips on Dining Etiquette.

Markets and Grocery Stores in Bolivia

Markets and Grocery Stores
This page contains a list of grocery stores, supermarkets, and outdoor food markets in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. We will soon be adding listings of markets and grocery stores in other Bolivian cities.

Bolivian Food   Bolivian Recipes   Bolivia Facts   Bolivia for Kids