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Expat Services - Bolivia Carnet

The Bolivia carnet de identidad (Bolivian identification card) is one of the Bolivian residency requirements to live, work or retire in Bolivia. You’ll first process your application for residency in Bolivia. Once your residency has been approved and your passports have been returned to you with the residency stamp, you will be required to process a Bolivian identification card within ten days. This is a relatively short process involving another payment to the Bolivian Immigration Service and the presentation of photos and other documents. Expat Services can connect you with a bilingual lawyer who will assist you with this entire process, greatly reducing time, stress and confusion. Rebeca Gonzales is the bilingual lawyer who can help you process your Bolivia carnet in Santa Cruz.

How we'll help you get your carnet:

The lawyer we connect you with will accompany you to Immigration to turn in the required documentation, pay the required fee, and set up an appointment for your photo which must be taken by Immigration officials. You may be told to return a few days later to have your photo taken.

The lawyer will accompany you again to your photo appointment to ensure any questions or doubts you have are appropriately answered and will pay for the photo.

The lawyer will accompany you third and last time to pick up your completed Bolivia carnet and ensure all the information it contains is correct.

Our fee for this procedure is $99 per person and covers our time, the cost of the photo and the cost of the Bolivia carnet itself.

Because this procedure is fairly simple many people choose to do it themselves; however, we offer this service for those who feel more comfortable having an English speaker accompany them.

You must enter Bolivia on a Specific Purpose Visa if you will apply for residency. Remember, if you plan to apply for residency you must not travel on a tourist visa. You will need a Specific Purpose Visa (visa de objeto determinado). The Bolivian Consulate nearest you or VisaHQ.com can help you process your travel visa. If you have any questions, ask them in our Bolivia visa forum or see what others are saying.

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