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What Beni hotels lack in amenities they make up for in friendliness. Most hotels cater the backpacking tourist participating in adventure tours, pampas tours, and wildlife tours. In Trinidad there are several family-owned hotels just off the main plaza and various hostels throughout the city. With the exception of a few resort or ecolodge-style properties, most are small and simple. If you’ve already found a hotel or hostel you love, or one you don't recommend, tell us in our Bolivia Hotel Review.

Bolivian hotels are kind of “all over the place” when it comes to listing themselves on booking sites so that you can make reservations online. You’ll find almost all of the 4 and 5 star hotels in Bolivia on most of the major hotel reservation websites that are well-known worldwide. But smaller Bolivian hotels aren’t as organized about their online presence. They are more likely to be on Tripadvisor, which has become very well-known in the Bolivian hospitality industry by word of mouth. We've partnered with Tripadvisor so you can save up to 30% on your hotel booking online. We also highly recommend Trivago. We did the research. Trivago has the most Bolivian hotel listings in one place. Most travel booking websites list between 200 and 600 Bolivian hotels. But you can book over 1530 hotels in Bolivia on Trivago right here.

Below is a list of hotels in Beni. Check for them on Tripadvisor and Trivago. If they aren’t listed, you’ll need to make a reservation directly.

Hotels and hostels in Beni Boliviia

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Hotel Internacional
Magdalena, Beni, Bolivia
Contact: Sylvia Speissegger
Phone: (591-3) 886-2210


Hotel San Carlos
Av. 6 de Agosto No. 347
Guayaramerin, Beni, Bolivia

Hotel Tropical
Av. 25 de Mayo No. 611
Guayaramerin, Beni, Bolivia

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