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Taxis are still a relatively inexpensive way to get around in Bolivia. Taxi companies (called 'radiom├│viles' or 'radio taxis' in Bolivia) are also one of the safest forms of public transport. Radio taxi companies in Bolivia are required to register with the ATT, a Bolivian government entity that oversees public transportation. Taxi drivers must register with local police. All taxis must minimally have SOAT car insurance. Incredibly, there are over 500 radio taxi companies in Bolivia. Here's how to find taxis in Bolivia.

There are over 500 taxi companies in Bolivia

Find Taxis in Bolivia

1. If you are on the street and need a taxi, look for taxis that have phone numbers painted onto the sides of the vehicle. If the phone is painted on, it is a radio taxi, a taxi that is affiliated with a taxi company, and not a private vehicle occasionally being used to transport people (which means it is not registered with the government or police). See this page on the 3 types of taxis in Bolivia, so you won't have an unpleasant experience.

2. In every city, you'll see certain corners where taxis line up on the curb. If you see a string of taxis in queue, that is one of their official stops or waiting areas. You can walk up to them and take a taxi on the spot. Be aware that they take turns and you should approach the first taxi in the queue, even if one of the other vehicles appeals more to you (larger, cleaner, etc.) Taxi drivers sometimes get into arguments with each other when passengers pick a taxi that is not at the front of the line. Of course, ultimately, you are that passenger and it's your right to choose which taxi you want to take. Just be aware that this sometimes (not always) causes a problem between drivers. Here's more on taxi safety in Bolivia.

3. Ultimately, the safest way to visit our cities by taxi is to ask the employees at any hotel, restaurant, or local shop, to suggest a radio taxi company for you. They know which taxi companies operate in their area, are closest to you and will arrive quickly, (taxi companies frequently stick to certain zones in each city), and are known and trusted by them. This way you will avoid calling a taxi that is all the way across the city.

4. There are over 500 taxi companies in Bolivia. You can dial 104 from any phone to reach the local 'Information' operator and ask for the phone number of any company in that city.

5. You can use of these taxi apps.

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