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Download these taxi apps to safely locate taxis in Bolivia.

Easy Taxi is one of the top taxi apps used in Bolivia. It enables you to request a taxi in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and La Paz and track it in real time until it reaches you. It also provides you with the driver's name, car model, license plate number, the driver's photo and his or her cellphone (mobile) number. You can even pay and tip your taxi right from your phone. This app was created in Brazil in 2011 and has quickly spread to over 30 countries, including Bolivia where it is popular due to taxi safety concerns.

Taxi Apps for Your Smartphone in Bolivia is another taxi app to help you find taxis 24 hours a day. It was created to keep both drivers and riders safe. You simply open the app, select your point of departure, select the type of taxi you need (normal taxi, taxi with air conditioning, VIP cab, etc.) and then your location reference. You will able to see the information of the driver, his/her picture, information on the vehicle itself, and can follow the taxi's progress on a map so you'll know where they are and how soon they'll be picking you up. After you are dropped off, you can rate the driver. You can also hire your cab by the hour instead of paying by distance. is another taxi app you can use in Bolivia. It allows you to request a taxi to pick you up, and you can personalize the type of taxi and services (inside the taxi) that you would like, such as requesting that a certain type of music be playing during your ride, air conditioning, wifi, and more. You can also request that kTaxi drivers do your shopping and deliver to you anything you ask them to buy. Additionally, you can click to activate GPS tracking of the vehicle you are in for your safety and there's even a panic button. Connect with kTaxi on Facebook., which just entered the Bolivian market in April of 2019, is a taxi and ride sharing app that allows you to find transportation within a city, intercity rides (between cities) and even freight transport. With inDriver, you indicate the route you wish to take and place a price offer for the ride you want that seems fair to you. Drivers respond to your offers. The app allows you to see information about each driver, including how many rides they've given previously and how experienced they are, and you choose your driver. inDriver is one of the top 5 taxi apps in the world and works in over 300 cities in more than 30 countries. is also now available in Bolivia, although coverage is limited to La Paz and Santa Cruz at this time. Download the Uber app on your smartphone. If your mobile phone does not work in Bolivia (many don't) you can ask an employee in your hotel lobby to call one for you or visit one of Bolivia's thousands of Internet cafes and go to

If you prefer not to use taxi apps, to find the phone number of a "radiomovil" company anywhere in Bolivia, you can dial 104 for the Information operator. There are dozens of taxi companies in Bolivia. Seriously. Hundreds even.


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