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Expat Services - Residency Application for Bolivia

Applying for residency in Bolivia can be complicated and is time consuming. Prior to applying for residency at the Bolivian immigration office, you’ll be required to visit additional institutions to fulfill numerous pre-requisites, each of which has its own requirements and costs.

Bolivia Expat Services is the first company to offer destination services in Bolivia and can help you process your residency application. There are 3 additional steps you must take as a foreigner in Bolivia. Further details are provided below.

How we’ll help you apply for residency:

The lawyer we connect you with will do all the footwork possible for you and will request your presence only when you must sign something or when an institution requires you to appear in person. He or she will act as your translator, accompany you, explain all requirements to you, help you understand and fill in all documentation, visit all institutions involved, and remain in communication with them and you until your documents are ready to be picked up at the immigration office.

Other institutions are involved in your residency application and almost all require a payment. The pre-requisites include photos, a national criminal background check, a confirmation of your domicile in Bolivia, an international criminal background check, opening a bank account, an AIDS test, a medical certificate, the actual residency application at Immigration, and others depending on the type of residency you are requesting.

You must enter Bolivia on a Specific Purpose Visa to apply for residency. Depending on your country of origin, you may need a visa to enter Bolivia. U.S. citizens DO need a visa to enter. If you plan to apply for residency you must not travel on a tourist visa. You will need to enter Bolivia on a Specific Purpose Visa (visa de objeto determinado). The Bolivian consulate in your country can help you process your travel visa. Join our Bolivia visa forum if you have questions.

Once you obtain residency you'll need a Bolivian I.D. card. Please note that once your residency has been approved and your passports have been returned to you, you will next be required to process a "carnet" or Bolivian Identification Card within a specified time.

If you plan to work or start a business in Bolivia you will also need to process a work permit from the Ministry of Labor. We can assist you with this as well. Costs vary per the bilateral agreements Bolivia has with each country and will not be the same for everyone.

You must participate in the biometric registration of foreigners. If you plan to live, work or retire in Bolivia, please be aware that every foreigner in Bolivia is required to take part in the Bolivian Biometric Census.

Would you prefer just a little guidance?

If you are considering applying for Bolivian residency on your own, we can set up a face-to-face orientation appointment to explain the process to you and answer any questions you may have. We provide this service for a low, hourly fee. If, after your initial consultation, you choose to process your visa on your own, you pay only the hourly fee for the guidance you received. However, if you choose to hire us to assist you with your Bolivian residency application, we will waive this initial consult fee, as it is already included in our fee for Bolivian residency applications.

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