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Prehistoric Bolivia must have been a very fascinating (and scary) place. The fossils and tracks of nearly 300 prehistoric mammals and dinosaurs have been found in Bolivia, including one of the largest finds of dinosaur prints, located in Sucre, Bolivia where 5055 tracks belonging to at least 8-15 species of terapods including sauropods, titanosaurs, terapods, ornithopods, hadrosaurs, ceratops, and ankylosaurus were found on one single mountainside. In La Paz, the second highest city on Earth, we can find trilobites and other creatures that used to live in the ocean. The ocean was over 2 miles deeper than it is now! Tarija is another part of Bolivia where many fossils have been found and there's a very cool paleontology museum.

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Prehistoric Bolivia

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The Mastodon: Prehistoric Bolivia 
The mastodon is a type of elephant that is covered in wool or fur like the mammoth. The mastodon looked like a mammoth but was about 2 feet smaller and …

The Pyrotherium: Prehistoric Bolivia 
The pyrotherium was an odd pig elephant kind of animal. It was a plant eater that lived in South America. It was 8 to 10 feet about 3 meters long …

The Dinosaur Park in Sucre, Bolivia 
Did you know that the Parque Cretacico in Sucre, Bolivia is now organising tours right down to the cliff face to see the dinosaur footprints up close? …

Trilobites: Prehistoric Bolivia 
The trilobite was related to lobsters, horseshoe crabs, and spiders. Trilobites lived from the lower Cambrian period to the Permian period 521 to 240 …

The Glyptodon: Prehistoric Bolivia 
The glyptodon was a very close relative to the armadillo and weighed as much as a car. Glyptodons’ backs were covered in armor, and their shells were …

Prehistoric Bolivia: The Abelisaurus Not rated yet
The abelisaurus was a dinosaur that lived in the middle of the Cretaceous Period 80-85 million years ago. It lived in Bolivia and Argentina. The name …

Two New Prehistoric Mammals Discovered in Bolivia Not rated yet
The Theosodon arozquetai and the Llullataruca shockeyi are two new prehistoric hoofed mammal species that have been recently discovered by paleontologists. …

The Thylacosmilus: Prehistoric Bolivia Not rated yet
The Thylacosmilus was a prehistoric creature that behaved or looked like some of the cat-family animals that exist today. Thylacosmilus was a marsupial …

The Titanis: Prehistoric Bolivia Not rated yet
The Titanis walleri was an animal that a lot of people probably don't know about. It was a giant bird predator that was the descendent of the dinosaurs. …

The Carnotaurus: Prehistoric Bolivia Not rated yet
The Carnotaurus was a very strong carnivore that lived during the Cretaceous Period. It was between 26 and 30 feet long and had a very strong neck. The …

The Giant Sloth: Prehistoric Bolivia Not rated yet
The giant sloth was an herbivore. Its claws were up to 50 centimeters 19 1/2 inches long, about the size of a man's forearm. They lived from South …

The Giganotosaurus: Prehistoric Bolivia Not rated yet
The giganotosaurus (don't confuse giga noto saurus with giga nto saurus) lived in South America, specifically the very southern tip of the continent. …

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